Proactive in Prevention and Customer Safety

Sean is all about keeping customers and his team safe. This page is a quick showcase of Sean’s professional practice, safety qualifications, insurance and professional memberships. Please browse and contact us if there is anything you would like to know.

Covid prevention

Since the Coronavirus pandemic began in the UK, Sean’s been on a mission to keep his customers (and their party guests) safe.

Equipment hire activities and services all take place in strict compliance with government recommendations. Sean also follows industry standards and is proactive about prevention and precaution, through:

  • Thorough sanitising of SOS facilities, hire items and products. Whether being handled by SOS teams, customers or their guests, everyone’s safety counts.
  • Buying suitable sanitising equipment and safe, professional grade antibacterial spray. This way, all items can be sanitised quickly and easily before and after each hire.
  • Achieving an online certificate on preventing of spread of coronavirus. Certificate is available to view here.
  • Supplying the SOS Entertainment team with bespoke safety face masks.
  • Taking SOS party practice tbeyond stringent hygiene, to include appropriate distancing and support. For example, supporting customers with social distancing requirements, contactless payments, staggered deliveries and collection as required.
covid19 prevention certificate

“I continually check the latest government guidance on restrictions and advice. I've also taken a course so that I can take an active part in preventing the spread of covid. For me, it's all about improving safety across all of the services that I offer. Keeping my hire products clean and in the best possible condition has always been a focus, but with covid we've taken things to the next level. I've purchased my own equipment for sanitising, plus safe antibacterial spray so that I can keep it all in-house (no lockdown pun intended)!
By buying my own equipment I can make sure everything's done professionally and thoroughly as soon as I need it. So, for bookings this means equipment can be quickly and easily sanitised straight after pick up and before the next hire time.
It's all about keeping customers safe and of course about keeping SOS Entertainment team safe too."

inflatables safety

If you are hiring our inflatables for an event and need to see a copy of our certificates for your venue or your own event insurance, we'll be happy to arrange this with you. Just contact Sean!

PIPA is the inflatable play industry’s annual inspection scheme, set up to ensure that all inflatables available to hire conform to recognised safety standards.

All our inflatables for hire have been safety checked in 2021 through PIPA-approved inspectors and are certified as compliant with the relevant safety standard BS EN 14960.

For more information about what this means, please visit the PIPA website.

If you are hiring our inflatables for an event and need to see a copy of our Public Liability Insurance certificate for your venue or your own event insurance, we'll be happy to arrange this with you. Just contact Sean!

Professional dj & valid insurance


part testing, safe hire

From his electrical DJ equipment, pyrotechnics and LED dance floors to bouncy castle generators, photography products and specialist lighting, it’s fair to say Sean’s services involve a lot of electrics.

So to maximise the benefits his services can offer, Sean’s taken his enthusiasm for good practice and customer safety one step farther:

  • Thorough taking PAT testing qualifications, so that he can ensure his own knowledge and good practice stays up to date. Certificate is available to view here.
  • Buying the tools needed to be able to carry out regular PAT testing on all SOS electrical equipment and hire items.
  • Working with venues and other providers to ensure that all aspects which rely on his electrical items are safe and fit-for-purpose.

“I'm always looking to improve the services I do ... and when it comes to my electricals, I certainly do a lot! Being qualified to PAT test all my equipment myself means, like the sanitising, I can keep everything in-house and I don't have to rely on other professionals fitting in. I can make sure the testing is done thoroughly and as regularly as I need it.

It also maximises safety when I'm working with others, such as venues or live music acts. Having the qualification means I can check anything I'm hooked up to or that's hooking up to my own items, which makes things easier, more efficient and of course much safer for everyone.
The other thing is, with the sheer amount of electrical items I have, it's turned out to be cost-effective to do the course myself! I'm really happy about this because i can keep my quality high and my prices competitive by passing the savings on to my customers."

Professional accreditations, associations & listings

Member of the Guides for Brides Community
the wedding industry awards 2021, best wedding DJ

providing services for other reputable brands