This policy describes how SOS Entertainment collects, processes and secures the personal information you provide. It also describes your choices regarding use, access and correction of personal information. 

For the purposes of this Policy, personal information means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

Our Cookies Policy has details about the anonymous data gathered through the use of cookies.

Scope of this PRIVACY policy

This privacy policy applies to all information collected through what we refer to collectively in this privacy policy as “Sites”. These include:

  • Our website and contact forms.
  • Our mobile contact numbers, for example when contacting us direct or through communication apps such as What’sApp.
  • Our social media applications, namely Facebook and Instagram
  • Any related services, sales, marketing or events.

Please read this privacy policy carefully as it will help you make informed decisions about sharing your personal information with us.

Information we collect

We collect information about you to provide our services. In order for us to best provide services to you (and to make it possible us to do so) it’s essential for us to be able to collect and use information, as described in this Policy.

This means that the ‘identified’ data collection is largely necessary for fulfilling the service relationship we have with you. Where this is not the case, we have a legitimate interest in collecting the information as described in the next section.

Information you give us

When you …

  • Submit contact forms on our website;
  • Pass on your details when you phone with enquiries or to book our services on the phone;
  • Send us emails or social media messages which include personal details;
  • Provide us with personal information in some other way, for instance by chatting to us at a wedding fayre or an event;
  • Join our newsletter mailing list;
  • Submit a request on our playlist facility;

… you are actively passing on information we need to process your enquiry. As such, we collect that information and use it to inform our services, in accordance with this Policy.

As a business, we might occasionally change our services and features . Accordingly, the options you have for providing us with information may also change.

When you enquire about our services or proceed to make a booking, we’ll collect the information we need in order to stay in contact with you and to provide that particular service. 

This information is only ever shared with our staff, freelancers, associates or colleagues who are needed to provide you with our service. For example, if we book the additional services of the live mermaid or singer as part of one of our entertainment package services, we will need to share information such as the child’s name and age if it’s a birthday party, or personal names of the bride and groom if it is a wedding, so that this entertainer can provide the personalised service that makes the event special.

Your information will never be sold on or passed on to any 3rd parties outside of our service.

Information gathered via social media

When you connect with us using any of the popular social media platforms, for example Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or any other social networking site, we receive information from the social networking site.

This is because, by using your chosen social networking site to contact us, you have authorised that site to share with us. The information shared by the social networking site may include:

  • Public profile information
  • Date of birth
  • Current location
  • Place of work
  • Email and contact details

When we receive this type of information, it becomes part of the information that SOS Entertainment holds for the purposes of your use of our website, social platforms and services. Because this is identifiable, personal information, any information your social networking site shares with us is subject to this Policy.

The level of information we collect from your social networking site will depend on the privacy settings you have on your account with that site. Limits on access to this can be set via the Privacy settings withing your account with the social networking platform.

If you have doubts about the level of information your social networking site shares with us, please check your settings and consult with your social networking site's privacy and data practices.

Information we collect automatically

When you use the SOS Entertainment website and social platforms, your device automatically provides information to us so that we can respond in a more personal way.

This type of automatically generated data usually includes technical details, for instance your IP address or type of device and operating system.

Depending on the settings of your device, it may also tell us your location.

Although this information is personal to you, it doesn’t necessarily identify you in a named, personal way. It provides us with statistical data on the way people are engaging with our platforms and which types of content they are engaging the most with. 

Our Cookies Policy has more in-depth information about how this type of automatic data is gathered and used.

How your information is used

In most cases, your details are used to help us:

  • Provide you with information about our services.
  • Deliver our services to you and your guests.

If you opt into our mailing list, we’ll also use your details to provide you with additional information, updates to our services, seasonal entertainment ideas and special offers. In this instance, you will only be contacted if you have opted into our mailing list. Even then, there’s no obligation to stay signed up and you can opt out / unsubscribe at any time.

As explained further up the page, your details are only shared with those who are working with us to directly involved in delivering your entertainment package from SOS Entertainment.

This may very occasionally include very limited 3rd parties, for instance postal services or couriers if you have requested us to send you items or products to approve or review (such as party bags and printed products).

requesting removal of your personal data

We’re always delighted when customers (existing and potential) chose to be part of the SOS Entertainment community. We understand that when you share information with us you are trusting us, and we take your privacy – and the trust you are putting in us – very seriously. 

As already outlined, you can be assured that your contact details and any other personal details are never shared with anyone who is not involved with us in delivering your entertainment.

In order to deliver our services efficiently, it is necessary for us to store your details on our systems. If you wish us to erase any / all of the personal data we hold, we are happy to do this upon request.

If this is the case, please be aware that if you request this:

Before your event takes place – we will of course erase your data, but this means we will be withough the information we need to deliver our service and we would have to cancel. In this case, our cancellation policy would then apply. 

After your event takes place – your data will be erased and this will have no effect on the services you booked. However, you should be aware that this would mean we have no longer hold information on your past bookings and will be unable to offer loyalty or customer referral discounts, or refer back to previous bookings and services.

If you wish us to erase all the personal details we have for you, please email

Remember, we value all our visitors and customers and will never spam you or pass your details on to 3rd parties.