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At, we’re pretty popular and know lots of talented and creative individuals and acts. In all, we have an enviable contacts list which we’re happy to share when we’re organising the live entertainment for all types of parties.

This page is dedicated to one of the most popular live acts we work with, Calli Malpas.

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With an enviable early career in the Arts and Music industry, Calli is now a sought-after solo act. Her popular “Live Jukebox” act has gained a wide following and lots of interest for private events and parties. We’re pleased to say that Calli works regularly with us, so we’re happy to add Calli’s act to any of our wedding packages and party entertainment services.

Live Jukebox

Do you know, booking Calli means you’re booking access to an amazing repertoire of over 600 songs?

So whatever your type of party, yourself and your guests can request the songs they want to hear.

Getting your guests involved in choosing the music is a sure-fire way for getting everyone on the dance floor and making your evening truly memorable for your guests.


Calli’s recently responded to requests for classics by rehearsing and performing amazing classics such as Ave Maria. 

With such tunes being extremely popular for weddings and other family celebrations, it means that Calli’s performance package has become even more versatile (and in demand).

So, if you’d like something very special and a personal performance of very moving melodies, Calli can deliver.

LiVe & acoustic

Calli’s Live & Acoustic set is immensely popular for weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties. 

Where the Live Jukebox offers an on-demand, request service, Calli’s Live & Acoustic set offers a choice of songs which are selected in advance for Calli to perform at your event. Perhaps something melodic during the event meal, or for meaningful for that first-dance of the evening? 

Whatever type of party, Calli’s Live & Acoustic act means you’ll have a singer who can perform the songs that mean the most to you, adding high quality and highly personal musical entertainment to your special event.

OCD - 4 piece band

Prefer the sound of a 4 piece band?

Calli’s been performing with OCD for many years at all kinds of events and venues.

Along with Calli, the whole band can be booked to bring amazing live music entertainment, with a significant repertoire, to your event or party.

puttin' on the ritz

Looking for something more classic jazz than rock?

As well as being an amazing singer, Calli’s also a talented musician and has a whole other act known as ‘Putting On The Ritz’.

So if you want your guests to be able to enjoy refreshments or an after-dark wind-down with a soothing jazz backdrop, Calli will deliver a performance with a built-in wow factor.

Do take a moment to check out the video, because as well as some of those classic songs you’d expect, Calli also offers the unexpected – some great jazzed arrangements of modern tunes.

So, if you’re looking for live entertainment with a twist that also brings something for guests of all ages, Puttin’ On The Ritz could be for you.

your one-stop live entertainment service

When it comes to organising for Calli to perform as part of your entertainment package, we can do all of this for you.

Remember, because we work closely with Calli and offer a one-stop-shop for all of your party entertainment, we can take care of all the details and achieve the very best all-in prices for your party performance. 

Please use the contact form to share:

* Your contact details

* Date of the event (if already in place)

* Information about the type of party or event 

 … we’ll come back to you quickly and get the conversation started!


So all you need to do is relax, rock up and enjoy yourself.


    Do also visit Calli’s website at Calli Malpas Rocks to find out more about Calli, her career and her performances, but remember  …  use our contact form to make your booking enquiry, to ensure we can tie up all of your entertainment into a whole bangin’ bundle for your special event.