Our party hire terms and conditions keep us all safe and informed of our rights – on all sides of the deal.

What follows is a quick read of our basic party hire Terms and Conditions. It’s the bottom line of what our customers can expect from us, and what we can expect from our customers.

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Your booking for equipment and / or services through SOS Entertainment.

Our acceptance and confirmation of your booking.

Any day of the year.

Contract for hire of equipment and / or services by you from us.

Amount payable at time of booking. Required to secure your booking of services on the date you require. 

Generally this is non-refundable, except in circumstances described in CV-19 below.

We do not require full payment of price at the time of making your booking unless you are booking less than a week before the event.

Any equipment specifically detailed as supplied by us and hired by you, subject to these terms and conditions.

The duration of hire – usually by the hour, day, evening or weekend.

Part of the deposit which is not refundable if the event is cancelled.  You’ll always be notified if this applies, at the time of booking.

The total price payable for the hire of equipment, accessories and / or services from SOS Entertainment.

The amount payable to secure the use of equipment. 

This security deposit covers non-return, loss, theft or damage to SOS Equipment

Includes services provided with some equipment (eg: DJ with dance floor hire; set up of inflatable items).

Means SOS Entertainment and additional agents, such as live acts, face painters etc.

Refers to our online ‘shop’ and services as seen at

Refers to you, the customer as the hirer of equipment and / or services.

2. contract

At-a-glance basics of our contract:

  • We always prefer to get a signature from our customers and you will be asked to sign the agreement which goes alongside these Terms and Conditions. 
  • Failure to sign doesn’t mean there’s no contract. Once the order is accepted and We have issued the Booking Confirmation, the contract is binding for You and Us.

3. Customer / Hirer obligations

A quick view of your obligations, under the contract: 

  • We’ll ask lots of questions and You agree to give us the information we need.
  • We may pass on lots of instructions and You agree that you’ll follow them and will ensure your guests / participants follow them.
  • When it comes to sweets, food and drink items, we’ll order in the things You ask us for and will happily try to accommodate particular requests. But we cannot be responsible for food allergies and intolerances or accidental choking arising.

4. Hire Period

In brief, hire times basics: 
  • Check the Booking Confirmation to ensure you have all the time you need with the Equipment / Service.
    • If you need to extend the hire, talk to us – it’s the quickest way for us to let you know if the Equipment will be available for longer.
    • You’re advised to make your own checks on the quality and service of utilities at the venue, particularly if they’re going to be needed for your event. We can’t be responsible if lack of utilities at the venue impact on us being able to deliver hire services (eg: poor quality Wi-Fi at venue).

    5. Fees & payment

    The main points of money matters:
  • Deposits are non-refundable because, once your date is booked, we turn down enquiries and bookings for that Equipment or Service elsewhere. Also, we often incur costs / expenses in preparing for your booking.
    • A Security Deposit is needed for many of our Equipment-only bookings and is needed to cover the cost of replacing the equipment if it is lost, stolen or damaged. If you think this is unfair, please also consider that if we lose the use of Equipment as a result of loss or damage at Your hire, it affects our other bookings. This then affects our reputation and our reviews if we have to cancel other bookings at short notice because the Equipment can no longer be used. A Security Deposit is a show of good faith for all of us.
    • If you don’t pay us on time, then we may recover interest and compensation from You, using the rates and amounts set by law.

    6. Cancellation

    Our cancellation policy at-a-glance:
  • Cancellation by You means your Deposit will not be returned to You.
    • It may be possible to move your Deposit to a new hire date, so long as You discuss this with us at the time of making the Cancellation.
    • If You don’t let us know the event is cancelled, we’ll still require full payment because we can’t re-book the Equipment at short-notice and we may have already incurred costs.
    • If we cancel with You, everything you’ve paid us will of course be refunded or carried to an alternative booking.
    HOWEVER, to try to help our customers as much as possible during the ongoing pandemic period, we are offering refunds on deposits where cancellation is caused by Covid, changed restrictions and lockdowns. See our contract PDF and section 8 (below) for more details.

    7. Collection, delivery & return

    In brief:
  • Most of the time, we’ll be delivering and setting up for you. We’ll check the Equipment with you because by doing this together we’ll both be able to check the condition of the Equipment at the point it is left with you. In the case of any damage, this covers all of us by establishing the condition of the Equipment before the party starts.
    • We will show you how to use the Equipment properly and safely, unless running it for you is part of another Service we’re providing.
    • Mostly, we collect and remove our own items. But if you’re returning items to us after use, these must be on time, otherwise we’ll have to charge you for the extra time, especially if it means we haven’t been able to make the next booking because the Equipment was still with you.

    8. party hire terms and conditions extra: Coronavirus

    Our bottom line – it’s about staying safe and behaving responsibly towards each other:

    • It’s important that we work together to keep everyone safe, so Hire of Our Equipment and Services must take place safely and in compliance with regulations. Your role is to work with us and to take responsibility for the event and for the health and safety of your guests or participants.
    • If things can’t go ahead due to government restrictions, then of course We’ll refund any money You have paid us.
    • If things can’t go ahead due to something that was known, by You or the Venue, but wasn’t communicated to us in good time, then the Hire Cost will still be payable.
    • Sometimes it’s just not going to be appropriate to Hire out certain items, or to include certain accessories in the Hire. Please bear with us on this and recognise that whilst We don’t make these decisions lightly, what’s decided is always with our customers’ best interests (and health) in mind.
    • It’s an uncertain time where things change at short notice. Our main source of guidance will always be from the government. Let’s show a little understanding to each other at this difficult time and try to work through any issues together.

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