Cupcake Stand


Giving your guests a treat is part of what makes every event special. And if you want to add a lovely touch to your decor and the way you pass on your treats, say hello to our cupcake stand.
Cupcakes are still a popular choice at all kinds of events, from engagements, weddings and anniversaries, to baby showers and Christenings. Designed to be placed on a table top, our cupcake stand is a great way to …

  • Add cakes to your dessert table in an attractive, decorative way.
  • Create a centrepiece for an activity such as a gender-reveal at an event like a baby shower.
  • A lovely way to say thank you – add cupcakes or party favours to the shelves of this cupcake stand and place it on your gift table as a thoughtful way of thanking your guests for gifts.

We also have plenty of ideas as to how you could use our cupcake stand as a treat zone or favours stand in our blog post coming soon!
With its fresh white appearance to make your goodies stand out, its heart shape and feature cut-out message, this stand offers a great way to ensure your guests get the treats they deserve without having to serve them.
And, unlike many of the cardboard stands for hire out there, ours is made from quality woo, which means it’ll be stable on your table. That can only be a good thing when you’re spending ages on your decor and arranging cupcakes and keepsakes on its shelves!

    Price is for hire across 5 hours – ready for you to add your own special treats, cupcakes or favours for your guests.


Treat your guests with beautifully arranged cupcakes or party favours, with our lovely tabletop cupcake stand. Ideal for all kinds of events and parties, this stand is easy to set up and use for all kinds of treats.
The heart shaped stand features a cut-out heart in the middle with a ‘Take A Treat’ message.
Product details:

  • Made of light wood in a soft white colour
  • Firm base for standing, so it’s stable on a tabletop
  • 10 individual shelves, plus the stand creates extra space for cakes and favours as needed.

Hire cost of £75 brings you:

  • 5 hours of use
  • No treat items included – just supply your own and use our beautiful stand as a way of sharing the love with your guests
    Remember, this cupcake stand can be used for other kinds of treats and gift items for your guests. For instance, you might like to try for fruit or alternative sweet treats. Or perhaps arrange your party or wedding favours on its shelves?
    If you have any questions  just contact us.
    This fun party accessory is just one of our decorative Sweet Treats accessories, any of which can be added to your basket or to any of our wedding packages – just ask us!


    *A non refundable deposit is required to secure your date & current pricing.*


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