There’s only one thing more eye-catching than Sean’s dynamic dance floor to make a feature of a special dance at your party and it’s Sean’s indoor pyrotechnics! 

But don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe, non-explosive and much more environmentally-friendly than old school pyrotechnics! As Sean explains in this short video: 

"A lot of people ask me about the pyrotechnics. So here they are, we're inside the venue where it's got smoke detectors, everything around.

So people ask me, will it set fire to stuff, will it set off fire alarms? Let me just show you - they're called Cold Spark for a reason! There you go, literally, cold hands above it. No alarms, no nothing. All safe.

The benefits of safe indoor pyrotechnics

Sean’s state-of-the-art digital DJ booths and dynamic dancefloor are already superb for adding to the display whilst dancing. Sean’s indoor pytotechnics also add a magic sparkle, but also bring other benefits too:
  • PEOPLE-SAFE: the sparks produced are safe to touch and don’t cause burns.
  • VENUE-SAFE: because the sparkles aren’t actual flames, risk of fire is eliminated, perfect for venues with concerns about pyrotechnics setting off fire alarms or causing accidents.
  • VERSATILE: Cold Spark effects can be used outdoors and indoors – an ideal substitute for fireworks.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: Sean’s machine can be used multiple times, making these pyrotechnics much more sustainable that single-use fireworks. Additionally, there’s no smoke or harmful chemicals, all better for the environment and party guests!
  • VISUAL DISPLAY: the display is controlled digitally so our Sean has complete control of the intensity, duration and height of the sparks and can adjust them to super effect …

All of which can add the stunning visual WOW-factor to enhance the atmosphere of your party and bring that extra magic to those key moments that make your party or event so memorable. Just like Tony and Dale’s first dance …

Indoor Pyrotechnics for all parties

Indoor pyrotechnics can be added to any of Sean’s DJ hire services, including his party and wedding packages. Pyrotechnics are included in the price of the PLATINUM and DIAMOND wedding packages but can also be added to any package or DJ hire.

What’s more, you don’t have to be planning a wedding to access those package prices! Sean’s party packages are perfect for seasonal parties, including Hallowe’en and Christmas, as well as Proms and graduation parties. In fact, any part where you’d like to add atmosphere, sparkle and a real sense of celebration!


From Christmas parties, to family celebrations, award dos and wedding receptions, SOS Entertainment can provide you with awesome atmosphere, a dance-all-night-DJ and perfect pyrotechnics!

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