Dance floor hire is a popular idea to add sparkle and something really quite unique to your party or event. But many customers ask ‘what’s so special about our dynamic dance floor and what effects can be achieved?’ 

dynamic dance floor hire and DJ party package from SOS Entertainment

So help is at hand! As usual, our Sean’s eager to offer some answers and a quick demo to share just what the dynamic dance floor can do … 


  • First up, is personalisation – all kinds of text can be displayed. From his DJ booth, it’s a quick job for Sean to programme whatever text is needed. The dance floor display can be personalised to include the venue, company, business or charity holding the event.
  • For weddings and parties, this personalisation can include names and messages, eg: Mr and Mrs, happy birthday Sean, Merry Christmas etc.
  • Numbers can also be included – ideal for a scrolling message for anniversaries and milestone birthdays.
  • Another trick with text is that it’s ideal for welcoming guests to your event. For venues this could be ‘Welcome to the Orida Hotel.’ Alternatively, for weddings it could be ‘Welcome to the wedding of …’
  • Seriously, there are so many possibilities for personalisation!
Here's a video of how the dance floor looks set up to complete a party package, including DJ booth and photobooth.

But did you know, messages and greetings are just the start? Because once the music’s going, Sean can put the dance floor into party mode to create dynamic patterns which fit with the music or theme:

  • Pulsing to the music.
  • Romantic, dynamic heart displays ideal for engagements, weddings and anniversaries.
  • Patterns or plains to fit with retro parties.
  • Seasonal colours to fit with seasonal activities and events ~ think Hallowe’en and Christmas and our dance floor hire has your decor covered!
  • Also ask Sean to display brand colours to match your logo.
See the dynamic dance floor in action here ...

Light up dance floor hire is included in all of our DJ entertainment party packages except for the BRONZE package. To find out more about dance floor hire for your event or party, call Sean.

And watch out for a new product and service in 2024, when it’s not just our dance floors which are dynamic and dramatic, but walls too!


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