You already know that Sean’s the perfect DJ for weddings, that’s why you’re here! But did you know, hiring Sean brings you far more than ‘just’ a wedding DJ?

You also get a multi-talented industry expert who’s passionate about making your day perfect. He’s also regularly takes part in The Wedding Industry Awards, so you can be sure he’s attentive to what his happy couples need. 

And you’ll also have a DJ with a range of DJ booth LED screen options for fantastic digital display on your wedding day! be personalised to your exact requirements. The wedding DJ booth offers a digital display for photos, messages, memories, and many options that suit your needs.


The SOS Entertainment DJ booths come in various shapes, sizes and options to fit your venue and suit your budget. There’s a gallery of options available to view here.


Each DJ booth LED screen options means Sean can deliver a stunning wedding digital display. This option is a perfect way to give your guests an exciting visual experience, and helps ensure the reception is as memorable for them as it will be for you.

What’s more, Sean can work with you to ensure elements are personalised to your exact requirements, to include a digital display for photos, messages, memories … and much more!

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There are many ways a wedding digital display can be used to bring you the most value from your DJ and the best memories from your celebration. Sean is always happy to chat through your exact requirements or make suggestions, but here are some ideas to get you thinking about the possibilities:
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You’ve both been on an incredible romantic journey to get to this moment! Sharing a  photo display of your romantic journey is a lovely way to share the love!  A scrolling photo display is a fantastic way to share your favourite photos so far.  By choosing photos that bring back happy memories for your families, friends and, of course yourselves, this photo collection enhances the day brilliantly.
Because very few families are free of missed loved ones, adding their photos to the DJ booth screens is a popular option. By adding or featuring photos of departed or absent loved ones, you send out a clear message that they are in your thoughts on the special day.
Your wedding day is special for everyone; featuring the photos taken so far on the day offers everyone a preview of the wedding photos. All Sean needs to show the images is a USB stick from the photographer and he’s good to go (if you’re happy to show)!
The digital DJ booth screen gives the perfect opportunity for the couple to display messages for all their guests to see. Guests who RSVP to say they can’t make it can be asked to contribute a message instead, which can be scrolled on the day.
There isn’t a party you can think of where a countdown doesn’t add to the fun and excitement. With a digital display and friendly DJ, you have everything you need for live countdowns to the key moments of the reception:
* Welcome the couple
* First dance
* Toasts & evening speeches
* Cutting the cake
* Throwing the bouquet (or equivalent)
* Going away
The wedding digital display screen is the perfect backdrop for incorporating fun and games, like Mr and Mrs or if you want to include a special surprise for your guests – such as congratulating another couple or individual, or announcing a new arrival!
Did you know that Sean’s digital request system not only means guests can text through the tunes they want to hear, they can also add dedications?As Sean receives them, he can display them on the DJ booth screens, adding extra interaction and involvement at the party.
We’ve mentioned RSVP invitees including a message if they can’t attend, but digital display also means that anyone who can’t come at the last minute can still get involved. They can text through their messages, which he can display on the screens, so they can join in the fun even if they can’t come.
Sean can also work digital wonders when you book a wedding DJ entertainment package which includes a photo booth too!
The DJ LED booths can be set to display some of the photos being taken at the wedding reception, sharing the fun of the party with all the guests.
Something that looks amazing across four screens is digital fireworks. The DJ screens work brilliantly as a digital fireworks display and can be featured alone or combined with DJ pyrotechnics.
This offers you an eco-friendly option for a firework display to celebrate your wedding day. A digital firework display is also a great choice when children and pets frightened of noisy fireworks are attending.
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Of course, the pyrotechnics and all digital displays can be personalised to your exact requirements.

At SOS Entertainment, Sean knows that your wedding day is your special day and he loves doing his bit (and more) to ensure your day is outstanding.

And do you know what else? Everything in this post is also true for engagement and anniversary parties too! So if you have a different kind of romantic celebration coming up, a digital display wedding package could bring a perfect party to you too.


The brand new Mr and Mrs. Day loved their set up too …

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feel inspired?

Give Sean a call about bringing your ideas to life and make your upcoming celebration magical, memorable and personal. 

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