Sean’s been back to school this week! No, not boosting his expertise with even more training and safety courses. This time, he’s providing entertainment hire services to create a fun day at school!

Sean was approached by Mrs. Gooch, the headteacher of St. Nicholas CEVC Infant School in Strood, who was feeling deflated. In her attempts to hire a bouncy castle to give the kids a treat, she’d been let down by unreliable companies. So Mrs. Gooch asked Sean if SOS Entertainment could help.

And as you know, Sean can always help! Not just with a great choice of bouncy castles for hire ..

But also with a special deal …

"St. Nicholas is a local school, close to where our new unit in Rochester is based. We always like to give a little bit back to the community and we were troubled to hear the school was having a hard time finding a reliable company.

I really wanted to help, so we organised a special deal for the school. This way, the staff could have a company they could rely on and the kids could have a special fun day treat for their last day of term."


Sean’s always ready to help out where possible – and not just with special deals. Another sign of an unreliable company is when they don’t have the relevant paperwork and insurance certificates to hand. But at SOS Entertainment, Sean leaves nothing up in the air (see what he did there?). Instead, Sean has the relevant documents and certificates available, making it easier for schools to organise fun days without extra admin headaches.  

"Schools, and the kids, have had a difficult time in the pandemic and I'm happy to help out when it comes to the entertainment side of education. Lots of our inflatable items are ideal for school fun days so by organising the admin into a quick and easy admin pack, I'm hope to make things easier for schools to hold fun days and celebrations in a convenient way.

We're always doing our best when it comes to customer care, so I'm very pleased that everyone was happy with our service and safety in this time of Covid. After her poor experiences with other providers, it was great that the Headteacher commented on how pleased she was with our prompt communications and reliability. We'd love to bounce back and help out again!"

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