To keep things fun, means we have to keep things safe. Our soft play and inflatable hire terms and conditions keep everyone safe and up to date on what’s involved when you hire our great equipment.

What follows is a quick read of our soft play and inflatable hire Terms and Conditions. It’s the bottom line of what our customers can expect from us, and what we can expect from our customers. These terms and conditions apply ALONGSIDE AND IN ADDITION TO the Standard Terms and Conditions for hire of SOS Entertainment equipment and services.

  • To read or download a full PDF version of our Soft Play and Inflatables Terms and Conditions, please click here.
  • To read or download a full PDF version of our Standard Terms and Conditions, please click here.


Provided that our soft Play and Inflatable equipment is used in accordance with the SOS Entertainment guidelines and conditions of hire, anyone using our soft play and inflatables should do so safely. However, accidents can happen. SOS Entertainment can accept no liability for injuries sustained or for any other loss, however caused, in the absence of the negligence of SOS Entertainment or its employees, helpers and representatives.

For the duration of each hire, the equipment is not in the possession or control of SOS Entertainment. So, for the duration of the hire and particularly whilst it is in use, the equipment is deemed to be in the HIRER’s possession and control.

As such, for the duration of the hire, including set up and take down, any liability for injuries or other losses other than in the circumstances described below rests with the HIRER. Accordingly, it is strongly recommended that the HIRER organises adequate Public Liability Insurance for their event.


At-a-glance basics of supervision for our soft play and inflatable hire service:


  • Whilst the equipment is with you, it’s your responsibility to supervise it and to make sure it’s used safely and in compliance with our instructions, guidance and recommendations.
  • For the duration of the hire, you will be responsible and liable for accidents or damage to persons, property and the hire equipment.


3. CUSTOMER / HIRER OBLIGATIONS FOR SAFE USE - this is the main part our customers ask about

At a glance, our Ts and Cs mean you are agreeing to certain Do and Don’t instructions for hiring our soft play and inflatables … 


  • Do give us all the information we ask for about the age groups using our soft play and inflatable equipment. If you don’t, we may not accept your booking, or it could be delayed. 
  • At all times, Do supervise the safe use of the equipment you have hired from us.
  • Do make sure the equipment is used only for the age group specified at the time of hire.



  • Don’t use the equipment for any other purpose than agreed.
  • Don’t sub-hire the equipment to a third party or company.
  • Don’t use, or allow the equipment to be used, for any unlawful purpose, or in any unlawful way.
  • Don’t remove or obscure any safety signs which need to be displayed alongside any equipment.
  • Don’t interfere with (or allow others to interfere with) any safety parts of the equipment eg: ropes and lines for security pegging, generators where supplied etc.
  • Don’t take food or drink onto or into the equipment.
  • Don’t use party poppers, coloured streamers or silly string inside, on or around the equipment. These can permanently stain, and we would have to charge you for such damage.
  • Don’t allow smoking or vaping on, in or around the equipment. Where items such as inflatables and soft play are set up indoors in private venues, don’t allow smoking and vaping in the same room as the equipment.
  • Don’t allow small children onto inflatables at the same time as older children and adults.



  • Wearing shoes
  • Wearing spectacles
  • Carrying sharp objects, including key rings, metal-studded clothing or similar items which could cause damage to people or the equipment.
  • No one who is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances should use the equipment.


Bottom line: 

  • We’ll ask lots of questions and You agree to give us the information we need.
  • We may pass on lots of additional instructions and You agree that you’ll follow them and will ensure your guests / participants follow them.
  • By hiring our equipment, you are agreeing to all of our Terms and Conditions and you’ll be responsible for the safety of the equipment users and the equipment itself.

4. Customer / Hirer obligations FOR USE OF THE EQUIPMENT

A quick view of your obligations, under the contract: 


  • We love our equipment and we take care of it, so we’ll deliver it and leave it with you in its very best, usable condition.
  • You should inspect the equipment and raise any concerns or issues with us straightaway and definitely before we leave after setting up, otherwise you are agreeing that everything is fine.
  • We rely on you to check that our inflatables (and the safety space needed around them) is available at the location or site. Although we understand that everyone has a “d’oh!” moment once in a while, if the equipment can’t fit safely in on the day because you failed to measure the space or check the space available, then you agree that you’ll still pay us for the full hire time. This is because it will have cost us time and money to deliver the item and it will be too late for us to recoup the costs by rebooking it elsewhere.


5. Hire Period

In brief, hire times basics: 

  • Check the Booking Confirmation to ensure You have all the time needed for setting up and taking down the Equipment.
  • If You need to extend the hire, talk to us – it’s the quickest way for us to let You know if the Equipment will be available for longer.
  • If You are booking the Equipment to use at a third party venue, it’s Your responsibility to organise timely access for delivery, setting up, taking down and removal by SOS Entertainment. It’s also Your responsibility to let us know what the arrangements are.


The main points about insurance:

  • We have our own Public Liability Insurance and, if you’re hiring our items for your event, we recommend that you take out Public Liability Insurance too, so that everyone is covered.
  • Safe use of the Equipment relies on good supervision and compliance with our instructions, recommendations and guidance for how to use the Equipment. As the HIRER of our items, safe use and supervision is your responsibility throughout the hire period.


We've outlined the basics for you above, but there is of course a bit more to it


From payment & planning to cancellation & Covid, our Standard Ts & Cs also apply to our inflatables & soft play hire.