Being let down by a supplier just before your wedding day is a nightmare. But thankfully Sean was recently able to save the day with a last minute wedding package, complete with DJ, digital DJ booth and LOVE letters.

last minute wedding package for DJ and entertainment

Of course Sean’s usually involved with preparations and planning much earlier. And after the party and its flurry of last-minute questions, Sean thought it might help other couples to find out more about the info your DJ needs.

So, whether you’ve been let down or you’ve suddenly got a wedding budget boost and want to add some music magic to your party, here’s what your last-minute DJ needs to know.


Let your DJ know which tracks you would like for your special dances, eg: the traditional options of First Dance as a couple, father and bride, groom and mum etc. Also pass on any ideas you have about twisting tradition, such as a stand–out song to launch the evening party, to boogie with your bestie or fill the floor with family. 

Remember to share any tracks you want to avoid – you’d be surprised how often this is forgotten! Ok so a quality DJ isn’t likely to play E-Rotic’s Max Don’t Have Sex with your Ex but there can be all kinds of tunes that can act as a ‘trigger-track’ for couples or their guests, so if you don’t want something played, pass that info on.

Booked last minute or months ahead, your DJ will always need to know arrangements for access and set up at the venue. Because you’ll already have had this the conversation with your previous DJ, it’s pretty easy to forget to share it again if things change.

At a minimum, pass on  relevant details about when the venue is available for room set up, whether the function room is on the ground floor or, if not, are there lots of stairs (and / or a lift)?

Also share a quick overview of the venue’s timings and anything in the schedule which will impact on set up time, eg: the set up can’t happen until 5pm when the meal is over but (and this is a common one) it has to be completed by 6 when the evening guests start to arrive!

Finally, be ready to answer any questions your new DJ might have about locating the DJ booth in relation to electrics etc and if you don’t know the answers ….

Remember to tell your venue that your DJ is now different. Tell your venue the name of your new DJ or the company name so when your alternative DJ rocks up, they aren’t turned away! You can also put your DJ in touch with the venue: even if there’s no dedicated wedding planner or coordinator at the venue, whose details you can pass to the DJ, ask for the contact details of someone at the venue who your new DJ can contact with any questions, so that they can all deal direct with the details whilst you focus on your day!

It’s always useful to have an idea of the schedule, even if it’s just a rough plan, For instance, if  schedule if here are other events you want at a particular time, such as evening speeches or cake cutting, couples games so that evening guests are involved.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have one, but if you do want specific things to happen at given times, just let your DJ know. And if you want your DJ’s help to make it happen, then a professional DJ like Sean can do this with you – all it takes is a chat before the big day, even if it’s just  24 or 48 hours beforehand.

If, like our Sean, your new DJ is big on the digital display, pop photos of your romantic journey across – either via file transfer or via USB so your DJ can set these scrolling on the day.

last minute wedding package for DJ and entertainment


The best way to avoid last-minute problems is to ensure you’re booking a professional, reputable wedding supplier. 

“I'm always happy to help my couples out as much as I can and I was so lucky that the Mr and Mrs Howard-to-be literally caught me with a gap in bookings because I was just about to take a holiday. It was great to be able to fit them in and help out.

Generally though, my profile is really growing year-on-year, particularly since I've been Regional Finalist in the Wedding Industry Awards year-on-year, so I'd always recommend couples to get in touch with me as soon as possible if they need wedding entertainment.

And of course it's always worth asking about last minute wedding packages too!"

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