It’s time for 2024 – and a whole lot more – with SOS Entertainment!

Sean took a well earned break with a special family trip for Christmas 23! But whilst he was there, he was still full of plans for the business – and more – in 2024. Here’s Sean taking a little time out to send a special new year message …

"I'm blessed that I'm here with my family and that's why I do what I do - I work hard all year round and then spend some great time making memories with them.

And I couldn't do it without you guys, all my customers, my friends and family who like and tag all my posts. I know I repeat that but I really, really appreciate everything that everyone does to get the business where we are today!
And as you can see if you follow my Facebook, you'll know just how much we've grown over the last year, physically as well! We've moved half a dozen times from different premises because we've just outgrown them! We're always buying new stock for the business so we're doing everything we can to grow the business and make it great for you guys [our customers].

So with that in mind we've got some amazing items [to come], being built as we 'speak' now, that's going to be here in early January, ready for February. It's going to be used all year round but especially for Valentines Day, that's in line. We've got our video wall that I'm still waiting to showcase, we've got that coming up and lots of other little things in the pipeline that's going to add to the business and make it go that little bit further.

Once again, thank you to everyone for the support in 2023 and yes, 2024 is just going to be even better for us, I can tell it already, so thanks once again!”

new year message for 2024 from Sea and SOS Entertainment


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