As we’ve already shared, although we haven’t been customer-facing during lockdown, we’ve certainly stayed customer-focused. We’ve reviewed what our customers need alongside our party equipment for hire, and we’re now taking delivery of some great new items. The aim of this is, of course, to help bring the very best party options to our customers – once gatherings finally get the go-ahead, that is!

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Of course, growing the business and adding more party equipment for hire  to our one-stop-shop means more space is needed for transporting everything! So Sean’s made an extra purchase … a new vehicle to add to the fleet.

“To be honest, we’re expanding, we’ve got so many products coming in, we just can’t fit it all into the existing van and trailer! You name it: our bouncy castle, LED dance floor, fold-up stage, all these things are bulky to transport. So, because there’s a high demand for party equipment like the dance floors, DJ equipment, pyrotechnics and lighting, we decided to sort it by adding to our vehicle fleet.”

As well as providing extra capacity for our many party items, the new vehicle is an easier vehicle to use particularly when transporting all of the party equipment for hire at outside events, such as the brand new inflatable marquee and generator.

Customer care means getting it there - easily and cost-effectively

Having an extra vehicle also means that for those all-in party services, like our wedding packages, customers don’t need to worry about us getting everything to them in a timely, safe and professional way. 

This is something Sean’s considered carefully …

“It’s especially important for the weddings. After all, a full wedding party package means the dance floor, sweet cart, disco, bouncy castle … seriously, you just wouldn't get all of that in the one van. So, now we've got a fleet of them, life's a lot easier.”

Sean’s also considered another thing pretty carefully – that growing the business by adding the extra expense of another vehicle is a cost that won’t be passed on to SOS customers. In fact, it’ll actually help to keep costs to them down as much as possible. …

“I’ve thought about this ... an extra van might cost me a bit, but it can bring costs down for customers. We don't have to use the larger lorry for smaller items at events - this saves on fuel costs and also helps the environment. And it also works the other way when needed, like for those wedding packages, marquee receptions or outdoor festivals, we can use the larger lorry for putting everything in, so we can give our customers a better price when two vehicles aren't needed."

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party equipment for hire all over the place!

It also means that SOS Entertainment can literally be in two (or more) places at once! If someone wants a photo booth at their venue on the same night as we’re DJ-ing a party elsewhere, it’s possible for us to be in several places at once! 

SOS Entertainment is ever expanding, we’re buying more products and offering more services. So now, with the extra space and the vehicles to transport it on the road, SOS Entertainment’s professional party services are (almost) ready for action once restrictions are lifted.

 The new van isn’t quite ready to face the public … Sean’s just dropped it off for it’s sign-writing makeover so it can join the fleet as the latest member of the SOS team.

Pop back for updates and to be the first to see the new van in its coat of many party colours!

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