As readers and customers know, Sean’s keen to include the latest ideas and technology in his DJ sets. He’s also keen to help customers and their party guests have the best possible parties. So, he’s happy to bring together his digital displays with requesting plays … with Request Box.

Yes, good news .. shouting over the speakers and dripping your drink on the decks are now out! It’s true, even if those best party songs of the 80s are still very much in, old-style song requests are done! 

Instead, Sean’s pleased to share Request Box app. Available for Android and Apple devices, Sean uses this simple app as an easy way for guests to get their groove on with their favourite tunes.  Party guests just download the app, toggle in Sean’s party pin number and then place a request!



“The great thing about this system is that although the guests will need my party PIN, there's no problem getting this to them! My fabulous 50" digital display screens make it easy to just display the PIN. I can do this when guests arrive and then at regular intervals throughout. I can also call it out over the PA. This way, guests can just ping their requests across without having to leave their chattering group, their loved ones - or even their drink - to ask for a favourite song!

After all, everyone has a favourite floor-filler. And with my thousands of tunes on my digital decks, I can take requests to suit any theme of party - from those best party songs of the 80s and 90s, plus other dance decades! It's also great for themed parties - from Christmas, to kids' favourites, to show-tunes and romantic smooches! Request Box makes it easy for guests and for me to create the perfect party playlist together!"

Main logo image by courtesy of Request Box


From Christmas parties, to family celebrations, award dos and wedding receptions, SOS Entertainment can provide you with any kind of party and the perfect playlist!

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