40ft Inflatable Maze


An ideal mobile entertainment and party hire option, our inflatable maze is a fun activity for both adults and children alike.

Our inflatable maze is a superb size and in attractive colours which create a highly visible feature activity for your party or event. A great fundraiser activity at an Open Day or charity event, this maze creates the perfect venue for a laser tag or Nerf challenge. Even as a stand alone activity, our inflatable maze offers plenty of fun. Why not try:


  • Individual and team time challenges or competitions?
  • Seasonal fun, such as Hallowe’en or Christmas lighting and activities inside?
  • Setting up themed activities inside – for instance this maze could be a real feature at an Alice In Wonderland themed party or as a nature trail at an educational event?


Hire costs include:

  • Set up and take down.
  • 6 hours hire – allowing plenty of time for preparations and customisations if you are adding themed activities inside on the day.
  • Full insurance.


A non refundable deposit is required to secure your date & current pricing.


Parties have moved outdoors, so we’re happy to be able to offer some excellent and unusual party fun through the hire of our fantastic inflatable maze.
Hire package £125
  • 6 hour hire
  • Setting up
  • Taking down


Item details
  • 40ft x 20ft size, allowing plenty of space for fun
  • Attractive yellow and green colours
  • Inner and outer walls, to create an interesting maze challenge.
  • Safe to use outdoors for adults and older children. Younger children should always be supervised.


Ask us about
  • Extending the hire time.
  • Hiring this item as a bundle alongside some of our other inflatable items and soft play bundles.
  • Bundling this item with our Nerf gun parties hire items – create an a-MAZE-ing party challenge with these items together!


Planning to enjoy this outdoor inflatable maze?

That’s a super choice, but don’t forget to factor the extra large size of this item and space you’ll need:

  • Consider the overall 40ft x 20ft dimensions of the inflatable as well as space needed around it for safe movement and stability.
  • Please also bear in mind that you’ll need to leave a entrance and exit space … particularly if you are using this inflatable to run a competition or team challenge. Always ensure that your guests can access and exit the maze safely.
  • If using at a children’s or teenage party, we recommend that an adult supervises use and play at all times.
  • Access will be required to set this maze up in advance. It also takes a while to deflate, take down and repack. If you’re hiring our inflatable maze for an outdoor event, please ask your venue about their preferences and access arrangements before booking this item.
  • Due to the extra large size of this item, there may occasionally be an extra charge based on location and accessibility. You can double check if this will aplly before booking by giving Sean a call.


Remember, we can bundle our inflatable, sports and soft play hire items into customised packages to bring down the cost of your party entertainment. Check out the You May Also Like … products below and get in touch to ask us about package deals when booking additional items!


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