15ft Inflatable Dart Board


Looking for adult and childrens party ideas? Try something different with our ‘Kick Darts’ outdoor inflatable dart board.

A unique and fun combination of darts and football, this activity is great fun at outdoor parties and festivals, as well as garden parties and charity events. Velcro soft balls are aimed at the scoring ‘face’ of a dart board and there are lots of ways to play:


  • Individual leaderboard competitions.
  • Team competitions and tournaments.
  • Just for fun!
  • A fun way to train and goal ‘target’ practice for football enthusiasts and league teams.


Hire cost from £125 includes:

  • Set up and take down.
  • Full insurance.


A non refundable deposit is required to secure your date & current pricing.


Since the problem with the pandemic, outdoor parties are the latest thing and if you’re running low on outdoor children’s party ideas and entertainment, our 15ft inflatable dart board could offer the inspiration you need.


Hire package from £125
  • 6 ‘dart’ footballs included.
  • Setting up.
  • Taking down.
  • Talk to Sean about hire duration for £125 hire.


Item details
  • 15ft x 15ft height & width approx.
  • Huge dart board ‘face’ for aiming and scoring.
  • Ground ties for extra safety and stability.
  • Safe to use outdoors for adults and older children.


Ask us about
  • Extending the hire time.
  • Hiring this item as a bundle alongside some of our other inflatable and soft play items.


Planning to enjoy this outdoor inflatable dart board?

Great choice, but please remember to factor the size of this item and space you’ll need into your planning:

  • Consider the 15ft height and width of the inflatable as well as space needed around it for safety ground pegging and generator.
  • Please also bear in mind that you’ll need to leave a suitable run up space for kicking and aiming the footballs. The space you’ll need may depend on the size and strength of the individuals playing, but in all cases, create enough space to avoid accidents from unexpected rebounds.
  • Access will be required to set this up in advance, and for taking it down. If you’re hiring our outdoor inflatable dart board for an outdoor event, please check with your venue to find out about their preferences for this, before booking.
  • This is a heavy item to get to the right spot. Occasionally, there may be an extra charge based on location and accessibility. If you’re not sure, please do give us a call and we can chat about it before booking.


Remember, we can bundle our soft play and inflatable items into customised packages to bring down the cost of your party entertainment. Check out the You May Also Like … products below and get in touch to ask us about package deals when booking our outdoor inflatable dart board!


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