Prosecco Wall Hire


Our prosecco wall hire is ideal for all celebrations where you’ll be sharing some bubbly with your guests. Imagine their surprise as they’re welcomed by a wall of fizzing flutes!

Our prosecco wall is floor-standing, to approximately 6ft tall. The white colour is neutral for most themes, and allows the gold Bubbles lettering to really stand out. The wall has space for 48 flutes.
We’ve learned from our party customers about what works best for them with this service, so our prosecco wall hire is:

  • For 5 hours, ideal for a wedding reception or celebration party.
  • With no flutes or bottles of fizz. This is because the venues can usually offer a better deal when it comes to glass hire and alcohol pricing, so it makes sense to not include it.

By not including the fizz, we also leave you the option of sorting your own preferred drinks – be it pink fizz for a Ruby wedding, or if you prefer to ‘pimp your prosecco’, supplying your own drinks and ingredients can make things cost-effective, personal and let’s face it, far more fun for yourself and your guests!

However, if you would like us to arrange for the drink and flutes to be supplied as part of your prosecco wall hire, then we can give you an all-in price (see below).
A prosecco wall also makes a decorative feature at your venue or party location, creating …

  • A unique kind of photo backdrop for selfies and photos with your guests.
  • A large panel of a lovely treat – great for hiding a less than pretty area of the venue or party room!

      A non refundable deposit is required to secure your date & current pricing.


Now, we know that some prosecco wall hire out there isn’t all it’s meant to be. Nobody wants flimsy cardboard stands, or hooks banged in board looking more like poor examples of DIY than a quality, functional accessory for your celebration. So, at SOS Entertainment, we’ve sourced the best quality prosecco wall we can, to ensure your drinks are safe, your decorations are enhanced and so that your wall definitely adds fizz, rather than falls flat!

Product information


  • Approx 6ft tall.
  • White colour with gold Bubbles lettering.
  • 48 flute holders.
  • Sturdy, floor-standing item.


Hire terms

  • £125 for 5 hours of use.
  • Additional hours by agreement, for small extra cost.
  • Alcohol and flutes are not supplied in the £125 hire.


About those glasses and fizz

From what our customers tell us, most times glasses and fizz can be sourced more cheaply from the venue. Or else it often comes as part of their venue hire package. So, we don’t include the drink or the glasses in this hire, this as it makes things less expensive for you.
However, if your arrangements are a little different and you need us to supply everything – the wall, bottles of fizz and glasses, please get in touch before putting this prosecco wall hire into your basket. We’re always happy to talk through what you need and try to help.
For weddings, our prosecco wall hire is included in our Gold, Platinum and Diamond packages.
But a prosecco wall is also a great way to treat your guests at all kinds of celebrations, especially where you want to formally welcome your guests with a drink or make a toast. So, feel free to add this prosecco wall hire to any other party package, just pop it into your basket and browse our You May Also Like section below.
A non refundable deposit is required to secure your date & current pricing. Any questions or special requests, please contact us – we’re happy to help!


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