Tabletop Prosecco Wall Stand


Our tabletop prosecco wall stand is a great way to treat your guests even when venue space is tight.

With space for 30 flutes, this prosecco wall stand is designed to be used on a tabletop. It’s the perfect alternative – or addition to – our larger prosecco wall. How about …

  • Placing at the entrance to your celebration, to welcome your guests with a glass of fizz?
  • Setting up as part of your buffet or dessert table, so your guests can easily make the most of all the refreshments in one place?
  • Placing this on your gift or guest book table, as a generous thank-you to your guests for being part of your party?
  • Having the large prosecco wall for the alcoholic fizz, and setting up the prosecco wall stand with a non-alcoholic alternative? This way, the designated drivers and non-drinkers can still feel special when it comes to being welcomed, or getting involved in the toast.

Hire cost doesn’t include the fizz because most of our party customers prefer to organise their own (Hint: it’s usually less expensive for your to hire glasses and fizz from your venue. This is because they work in wholesale numbers and we don’t)!

However, if you would like us to supply the flutes and fizz as part of your prosecco wall stand hire, then contact us for an all-in hire price (see below).

A non refundable deposit is required to secure your date & current pricing.


With a sturdy, attractive design and high quality finish, our tabletop prosecco wall stand is a great way to keep drinks safe whilst they’re on hand for your guests. With a neutral white colour, this prosecco drink stand will fit into all kinds of decoration and party themes. It can even be dressed up for the occasion!

Product information


  • Approx 100 cm x 90 cm.
  • White colour with gold Bubbles lettering.
  • 30 flute holders.
  • Sturdy, tabletop standing item.


Hire terms

  • £75 minimum hire charge.
  • Additional hours by agreement, for small extra cost.
  • Alcohol and flutes are not supplied in the £75 hire.


About those glasses and fizz

Depending on the celebration, our customers almost always find that glass hire and supply of the prosecco (or drink of choice) is less expensive through the venue, particularly when it’s part of the venue hire package. So, we don’t include the drink or the glasses in this hire, to help make things less expensive for you.
But, particularly if you’re having a small event at home and you need us to supply everything – the wall, bottles of fizz and glasses, just get in touch before placing our prosecco wall stand into your basket. That way, we can chat about what you need and see if the price is right for you, before you decide.
Our large prosecco wall hire is included in our Gold, Platinum and Diamond packages.
But if you would like this swapped out to this 30 flute prosecco wall stand, or would like to add this product into the package, just get in touch.
But of course, fizz isn’t just for weddings! A prosecco wall is also a great way to welcome, treat and toast your guests at any type of celebration. So, feel free to add this prosecco wall hire to any other party package, just pop it into your basket and browse our You May Also Like section below.
A non refundable deposit is required to secure your date & current pricing. Any questions or special requests, please contact us – we’re happy to help!


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