Time for another update on Sean’s #SOSpedal4plirb mission to give much needed charity support to Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat (PLIRB) – and Sean’s pleased to share that his solo fundraiser has ended in success!

Yes, although the weather forecast was dire and strong winds were the feature of the day, Sean braved the elements on Saturday 26th September and stuck to his plan of raising much-needed funds for the charity, with a 54 mile cycle ride.

Sean shared his reasons for supporting this charity in a previous post, and on the day he shared his progress on social media. What follows are some of the images and videos of superb cycle against the wind, thanks to his Bob Cheeseman, Sean’s vehicle support on the day.

charity support, Rye Bay E-Bikes
charity support, Rye Bay E-Bikes

Thanks also to Rye Bay E-Bikes for their support and donation to this very good local cause!

sos charity support, charity bike ride
sos charity support, charity bike ride

The strong headwind Sean had to battle was against him from the start, making even the early legs of the journey extremely tiring. But for Sean, the worse part of the journey came on the road between the famous beach at Camber and the rural Winchelsea Beach, where the wind was just relentlessly against him. 

Which meant that by the final stretch, along the main Sea Road that runs between Winchelsea Beach and Sean’s final destination at Pett Level, Sean wasn’t just pushing against the wind, but also the effects of the effort of cycling against it – real muscle burn to the legs.

“It was a lot tougher than I thought, and that’s purely due to the wind,” Sean said afterwards. “I regularly ride 30 miles or more and the 54 miles wouldn’t have been a problem if it wasn’t for that wind - I literally had it against me all the way round! It felt like it doubled the distance with the strain and effort it took.”

But we all know Sean and he wasn’t about to give up, especially knowing that he was supporting a cause close to his heart and especially as he knew that some of the PLIRB volunteers were waiting to greet him. So Sean rallied for that last long stretch of windy coast road, to arrive at the PLIRB boathouse, an amazing 5 1/2 hours after setting out.

This great moment was captured by Martin, one of the PLIRB volunteers …

CHARity support - for sean

Several of the PLIRB volunteers had opened up the boathouse, ready to support Sean after such a prolonged test of endurance. Thankfully their First Aid skills weren’t needed, just the offer of a welcoming cup of tea and opportunity to catch his breath and be still for a bit, after his washing machine bike ride. 

There was also the chance to sit and relax for a moment, but after 54 miles, sitting wasn’t exactly comfortable for Sean!

“I’m so glad I did it because I was well supported. The way the PLIRB volunteers thanked me when I got back … I couldn’t get over it! There were two people out by the road clapping and applauding as I came through, that was great.”

As it was necessary for the volunteers to limit their numbers on the day (with restrictions and distancing in mind) they’ve invited Sean back for a proper thank you visit once restrictions are lifted. 

And in the meantime, between online donations via Sean’s giving page and the PLIRB website, plus cash donations on the day, Sean’s charity support cycle ride has raised around £600 for the charity, which everyone is delighted with.

local charity fundraising events, SOS charity support

"All the volunteers here are very grateful to Sean for raising so much to help Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat at this difficult time. We’d also like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated online and in cash to support Sean’s amazing effort.”

But would you do it again, Sean? Sean rubs his sore areas (yes, more than one) and has a think …

“It’s going to a great cause, so it’s well worth it ... but next year, I think I’ll just bake a cake or something!”

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