At, we aim to provide a one-stop shop that makes your party planning as hassle-free as possible. Because whatever your party, less hassle means less headaches! Hey, but it’s particularly true that when you’re planning a wedding, anything that helps reduce time, stress and cost is always a welcome bonus!

So we’re pleased to share that we can now offer professional wedding photographer services, to go alongside any of our wedding packages. Introducing …

wedding photographer, Gravesend

When it comes to professional party photography, Mark has many skills which complement our own. Working together, we’re able to provide you not only with memorable parties and events, but also a way to capture those memories forever. 

Mark’s available for:

  • Wedding photography.
  • Family celebrations.
  • Music events and festivals.
  • Portraits – ideal for Engagement, Anniversary and Graduation parties, Christenings and Baby-naming celebrations.

Just like our Live Acts bundles, Mark’s photography services can be added to any of our wedding packages and party entertainment services

Booking & BENEFITS

So what are the benefits of booking Mark as your wedding photographer or to capture those magical moments as part of your special celebration?

  • Just like the SOS Entertainment team, Mark’s super-friendly, but also extremely professional. If you want to be able to relax and know those never-to-be-repeated moments (such as your perfect wedding ceremony or guest-wowing first dance) are in safe hands, Mark’s your man.
  • When you’re planning a party – and particularly a wedding – costs can run away with you. Mark prides himself on providing “professional photos at a reasonable price.” Even better than that, booking Mark for your wedding photography as part of one of our wedding packages means there’s no separate costs to find, just an all-in price with no compromise on quality.
  • Need reassurance about the quality and expertise? Ask Mark about his level of professional skills: “I have achieved an accredited Diploma in Photography.”
  • We all know what it’s like … whatever the party, everyone wants to see the shots and re-live those moments as quickly as possible. Over to Mark. “We all hate waiting around. So my aim is to deliver your photographs as quickly as possible, Often, online galleries can be ready within days.”
  • And what about those “what if …” worries? Just like SOS, Mark is fully insured to work anywhere, so you can book with confidence (and relief that you’ve made the right choice, of course)! 
wedding photographer

your one-stop PARTY entertainment & serviceS

It’s easy to book Mark as your wedding photographer. Because we work closely with Mark, we can do all of the organising for you – including the best possible price when you book his services as part of Sean’s wedding packages.

Please use the contact form to share:

* Your contact details.

* Date of the event (if already in place).

* Information about the type of party or event .

* If it’s a wedding, you could also give us information about the wedding package you’d like the price included in.

 We’ll come back to you quickly and get the conversation started! 



    To see Mark’s full range as a photographer, please check out his website gallery. Then, to get the best possible prices for entertainment and photography combined, come on back here to book or ask your questions!