What can we say … we just love to read our customer reviews and feedback! Any time a customer gives us feedback it’s a way of directly helping us to grow the business and provide the best possible service.

After all, getting the best possible service is exactly what our customers want too! And as we’re passionate about what we do and about the services we provide, we believe that communication including feedback is essential too, to make every event as perfect as possible.

A word from sean about customer reviews

“I always ask for feedback as soon as possible / appropriate after events and, just as importantly, act on any constructive feedback received. I also check with guests and venues for feedback, so I know what's working well or what needs tweaking across every aspect of what I offer."

making it personal, making it public

Knowing what people say and would recommend is incredibly helpful and gives us a solid foundation to build on. Whether it’s knowing that the playlist was perfect, the dance floor delightful, the stage screens superb, the atmosphere awesome or the service professional and personal – what you share in a customer review tells us a lot about what’s important to our customers, which not only helps us but also informs anyone looking for their own perfect party provider.

"I totally believe in the power and value of genuine customer reviews, so I always ask my customers for public reviews after their event. With the event still in their minds, this type of review almost always comes from the heart, and it's their thoughts and reflections on their personal experience which makes these reviews and testimonials so powerful.   And it's not just helpful for me, in measuring their satisfaction, it also helps potential customers to be aware of the services on offer and to make their decisions based on others' experiences of partying with SOS Entertainment."



We're hoping to use video testimonials more in 2021, so if you've used SOS Entertainment in the last 2 years and would like to help us out with a video review, please get in touch!

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