Thinking ahead to the eventual lift of lockdown? Sean certainly is, so here’s a quick update on his continuing efforts towards safe entertainment and party hire services. Because whilst gatherings and parties aren’t a thing for Sean and customers at the moment, antibacterial spray certainly is!

Since the start of the pandemic in the UK, Sean’s kept customer safety and compliance with guidelines at the top of his to-do list. All of which means Sean’s proactive about prevention and precaution, through:

  • Thorough sanitising of facilities, products and hire items.
  • Buying his own sanitising equipment and professional grade antibacterial spray, for treating all products.
  • Achieving an online certificate on preventing of spread of coronavirus. Certificate is available to view here.
  • Supplying the SOS Entertainment team with bespoke safety face masks.
  • Adjusting all aspects of SOS party practice – from right back from when garden activities and tiny gatherings were last allowed. Sean’s adjustments include supporting customers with social distancing requirements, contactless payments, deliveries and collection as required.
  • Sympathetic booking support for customers as the uncertainty continues! Sean’s introduced deposit refund and booking guarantees for cancellations affected by coronavirus.
  • Plus, Sean’s  launched gift vouchers so the gift of a party can be given, to help with planning and paying in these difficult times.


And as we know,  the situation remains ongoing in 2021. So Sean’s safe practice and customer protection will still be in play once lockdown lifts and restrictions are eased. The aim is to continue to adjust into the next ‘new normal’  to help reassure and protect customers.

SOS Safety

Sean in action with COVID SPREAD PREVENTION, antibacterial spray & sanitising of all hire products

antibacterial spray, party items for hire
SOS sanitising NERF hire items (11) (Custom)
antibacterial spray, party items for hire

“I continually check the latest government guidance on restrictions and advice. I've also taken a course so that I can take an active part in preventing the spread of covid. For me, it's all about improving safety across all of the services that I offer. I've purchased my own equipment for sanitising, plus safe antibacterial spray so that I can keep it all in-house (no lockdown pun intended)!

By buying my own equipment I can make sure everything's done professionally and thoroughly as soon as I need it, so for bookings this means equipment can be quickly and easily sanitised straight after pick up and before the next hire time.

It's all about keeping customers safe and of course about keeping SOS Entertainment team safe too.

NHS support, covid secure

If you’d like to know more about Sean’s passion for customer care through safe and professional practice, please take a look at his dedicated safety page.


Being 'out there' may not be happening, but taking bookings and helping out where it's allowed certainly is.

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