As readers and customers know, Sean’s keen on community support … and that’s why he’s proud to sponsor Rochester’s FC Catalans. So it’s time for an update on their progress, as the 2020/21 football season ends. 

Well, the stunning SOS shirts and even more amazing players have worked their magic in what has been a very challenging season. Along with the pandemic, lockdowns and restrictions, there was also some extreme weather to contend with across the season. 

But although the shirts washed up well after the mud, the team are far from washed up! In fact, as the fantastic goal tally shows, they rinsed the opposition in many of their matches, resulting in sparkling success and 4th position in the league.

community support is the name of the game

“I just want to say a huge congratulations to everyone involved at FC Catalans. It's been great to sponsor them throughout the year and to see the players (ok, and those shirts) in action where possible!

Sports sponsorship is the SOS way of offering community support in a fun, entertaining and healthy way, and I'm so glad to have been part of FC Catalans' success this year.

Because we all know it's been a terrible year, with the pandemic and restrictions. But everyone involved - from the players on the pitch to all of those in the background - keeps working so hard to keep the team right up there. They're doing an amazing job and we look forward to sponsoring them next season, and in years to come.

And to everyone there, let's hope things unlock soon enough to have the end of season celebration and presentation event that everyone at FC Catalans deserves."

Main images courtesy of FC Catalans UK.


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