Time for an update on the SOS Entertainment’s local football team sponsorship … because the 2020/21 season is about to kick off for FC Catalans!

And with the new season comes the arrival of the brand new kit, complete with the SOS Entertainment sponsorship splash! OK, we did give a cheeky preview of these before, when Sean announced the sponsorship, but as August slides away, things just got real. Particularly as FC Catalans have now taken delivery of the full kit from Hope and Glory Sportswear.

local football team sponsorship, FC Catalans
SOS, business sponsorship, FC Catalans

local football team sponsorship

“We're all still reeling from the impact of Covid-19 and the isolation that came with it. Sport's amazing for bringing communities together - even whilst we're still distancing. So, when the chance came to get involved with FC Catalans, local football team sponsorship seemed like a good way to help the team, its followers and enthusiasts.

I'm so glad to be involved and it's very exciting to know that the new kit is about to be in action on the pitch. Hope and Glory Sportswear have made an amazing job of bringing the logo to life and I'm hoping that SOS will be part of a very successful two years for FC Catalans."

The new 2020/21 kit sees its first official outing on Sunday 23rd August 2020, and you can find details of this and other upcoming fixtures over on the FC Catalans website. 


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