Footpool, a fun and family-friendly blend of football and pool, is gaining popularity for team games. And whether you’re planning a community activity or a garden gathering at home, using a footpool inflatable adds an extra layer of excitement and versatility to the experience. 

What’s more, having the national pride and footie-focus whilst UEFA Euro 2024 is upon us, means there are some great opportunities to be on-goal with fun and games at your gathering. So, let’s kick off with some creative and engaging team game ideas to try with a footpool inflatable and footpool game to hire.

1. Classic Footpool Tournament

Start with the basics: a classic footpool tournament. Divide your group into teams of two and set up a round-robin tournament. This traditional setup allows everyone to get familiar with the game and its rules, fostering friendly competition and camaraderie. 

Either of Sean’s footpool hire options work well for this but, at 28ft long, his inflatable footpool arena is largest if you have a big space and plenty of guests to entertain.

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2. Relay Footpool

Relay Footpool adds a cheeky twist to the classic game with a relay format. In this variation, team members take turns to kick the ball. After each kick, they must run back and tag the next player in line. This adds an element of speed and strategy, as teams must balance accuracy with quick transitions. It’s also a great way to combine your guests into mixed teams so they can get to know each other.

Obstacle footpool

Make the game more challenging by adding obstacles within the inflatable. Use cones, inflatable barriers, or other objects that players must navigate around or over. This variation tests not only kicking accuracy but also agility and problem-solving skills.

Please just remember not to use anything sharp or likely to cause a puncture or damage to the ‘pitch’!

Potty-Time Challenge

In this high-paced game, teams compete to see who can pot all their balls the fastest. Each team is timed, and the one with the shortest total time wins. This format encourages quick thinking and precise kicking under pressure, perfect for teams that thrive on adrenaline. It’s also great if you have plenty of spectators and cheer-leaders, as everyone gets involved in the fun!

Footpool 'Golf'

Yup, it’s not enough to have football AND pool on the go, Sean also suggests adding a golfing twist to the fun! Turn the footpool inflatable into a mini-golf course by setting up different “holes” around the inflatable, each with its own par. Teams take turns trying to complete each hole in as few kicks as possible. This variation combines the strategic planning of golf with the dynamic kicking action of footpool.

Blindfold Footpool

Fed up of shouting at a ref who appears ‘blindfolded’ in Euro 24 matches? Take the idea and run with it by creating a challenging – but hilarious game of blindfold footpool. One team member is blindfolded and must rely on the verbal directions of their teammates to kick the ball. This game emphasises communication and teamwork. It also leads to lots of laughs!

Sean’s Tip: Don’t forget safety – have plenty of spectators shouting at the sides to help the blindfolded player ‘hear’ where the edges are, to avoid stumbles off the edge!

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inflatable footpool game hire from SOS Entertainment - available to hire in Sussex, Kent, Essex, London

Penalty Shoot Out

Simulate the excitement of a penalty shootout. Each team selects a player to take turns shooting at the balls from a designated spot. The team with the most successful pots in a set number of attempts wins. This game hones precision and composure under pressure. And if you think this is the best game for your team, don’t forget Sean has a couple of footie inflatables dedicated to shoot out fun, which can also be hired!

King of the Hill

Raise the competitive spirit with the ultimate game, as teams compete to maintain control of the table. The team that pots the first ball starts, and they must continue potting balls to stay “king of the hill.” Miss one? Then the next team takes over. The team with control when the last ball is potted wins.

Sean’s tip: this one is very popular at weddings! 

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A footpool inflatable opens up a world of creative and exciting team game possibilities – and a weekend hire can be more affordable than you might think.

Sean’s extra tip: ask for discounts when you hire more than one item and across more than one day!

Whether you prefer traditional tournaments or inventive twists, these games are sure to provide hours of fun, laughter, and team bonding. So, sort out your dates and a deal with Sean, gather your friends and let the games begin!


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