Our Commitment to Community: Inflatables for Events

SOS Entertainment inflatables for events

At SOS Entertainment, Sean’s always eager to supply inflatables for events. For charity and community causes, he often reduces prices or provides extra special deals. Recently, he was delighted to be approached to supply inflatables on a very different basis; instead of being paid a hire fee, Sean was asked to provide inflatables at a […]

Fun team games with a footpool inflatable hire during Euro 24

inflatable footpool hire sos entertainment

Footpool, a fun and family-friendly blend of football and pool, is gaining popularity for team games. And whether you’re planning a community activity or a garden gathering at home, using a footpool inflatable adds an extra layer of excitement and versatility to the experience.  What’s more, having the national pride and footie-focus whilst UEFA Euro […]

Football Pool Rules & Ideas for Party Fun

football pool table inflatable for hire in Kent

Football Pool is the new game that’s sure to get everyone joining in and having fun.  Yes, fabulous Footpool is here at SOS Entertainment! This game is just what it sounds like: a fun hybrid of football and pool. Just like those games, there are rules to create fun and fair play. But unlike official […]