Looking for slumber party ideas that won’t bore everyone to sleep? Our garden igloo dome hire options are spacious, stylish ways to host a sleepover party. Plus, with a 24-hour hire slot, our garden igloo dome hire gives time and space to go large with sleepover and slumber parties for all ages. Seriously, even an adult or two … 


Kids love sleepovers, and it’s only a matter of time before they are begging to have one for a special occasion. Sure, you want them to have something special, but many parents are put off by the disruption indoors. After all,  the cacophony of a tangle of giggling kids and sleeping bags somewhere in the house is a lot to put up with.

But Sean’s garden igloo dome gives you the option to move all the children outside whilst you enjoy a relatively peaceful evening in the house.

The domes also offer the flexibility of being an all-weather option you can use for any theme of party, come rain or shine. There’s literally no need to worry about rain for a garden sleepover where all the kids are safely in one place and not outside or in separate tents.

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party themes and ideas

A movie evening using homemade popcorn is a great way to make the evening special for kids of all ages.  A popcorn machine is great fun for movie nights.  Just be sure to provide other snacks for when the popcorn runs out, because you really don’t want to be supervising popcorn making all evening!
Our garden igloo domes each have a clear roof. This makes them perfect for laying back in a sleeping bag and looking up at the night sky. 

If you’re really lucky, the night will be clear, with twinkling stars and even a shooting star or special moon! 

Add in some star-themed games, images of constellations, telescope or binoculars and you’ll encourage conversations and imaginations!

HINT: for a quick win on the snack side – cut circular pizzas into wedges and rearrange the wedges into star shapes!

Karaoke is always a fun idea and one of our dome options includes the sound and vision items you need.  You could theme the party around rock stars, a favourite group or Disney tunes with or without fancy dress, depending on the age group.

Crafting options require supervision but it’s huge fun to create memories with something to take home. Decorating pillows or designing their own T-shirts with permanent markers,  cloth paints or glow-in-the-dark marker pens will ensure  original results they’ll treasure. Just don’t get any on the dome please! 

A scavenger hunt game in the garden can be focused on nature, themed in another way or just left random for the guests’ imaginations!

HINT: this idea is a great one for busy activity and running around before settling down. Move onto the settled time with a movie and snacks. Perhaps the winner could choose the film or have first dibs on snacks of choice?

Create your own secret code clues game that the kids have to crack? The great thing about making your own is that you can organise the clues to suit your garden (and to limit where you want kids to go, perhaps)? Alternatively, there are lots of ideas, inspirations and kits to buy online.

Yes, such a good idea for an overnight hire item, we’ve mentioned it twice!

This time though, how about glow-in-the-dark card games or board game options? Going for a glow is a great way to keep the party going in the garden igloo dome after the lights have gone out.

And speaking of which, it’s also fun to organise a glow-in-the-dark clues game to play inside or outside the dome. You might want to dim the lights earlier in the evening and have the kids find the clues or leave a clue near each sleeping spot for them to find and decipher when the lights go out.

Charades may be better for teenagers or adults, but it is a game younger kids can enjoy too, once they know how the game works. Charades can give hours of fun whatever the age group.

The garden igloo dome hire is perfect as a gaming pod at any time of day. The 24 hour hire lends itself to various uses throughout the rental. So, if you want to limit the gaming time or let the gamers pull an all-nighter, it’s up to you.

Our specific gaming pod hire set up includes all the hardware and software needed for this type of sleepover, as well as some fun gaming accessories and lights.


The 24 hour hire gives you plenty of ways to make the most of having the igloo until the slumber starts or after it’s over.

Organise a pamper party for the afternoon and evening before, and how about gaming time or breakfast barbeque on the morning after?

This is a great way to include younger and older siblings in the fun, whilst limiting the slumber to the most special friends or family.


Sean’s helped with plenty of parties in his time and strongly recommends:

  • Double the amount of smacks and drinks you think you’ll need! Especially with a 24 hour hire and the fact that slumber parties are more about midnight feasts and chatter than sleeping!
  • Organise good lighting to remain on in the house so that guests can find their way to the facilities without having an accident (of any kind) in the garden!
  • You may not need as many extras as you might think, as our hire options include various set up options and accessories: all the hardware and software for karaoke and gaming, for example! You can also order extras such as balloons, sweet hampers and board games to be included in the hire, just ask Sean.
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IGLOO table setting (8)
garden igloo dome with games hamper for bank holiday

want to make more of the glow-in-the-dark theme?

Talk to Sean for a special deal on igloo dome hire + any of his outdoor LED light up furniture items to hire...

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