Sean’s been busy this week … but not in the usual way! Instead of buying new party items, creating bundles for customers who want to hire party equipment, sourcing accessories for the wedding packages and being proactive about safety checks on the SOS bouncy castles for hire, Sean’s been out organising something specific for the next step in SOS Entertainment’s growth.

As you can see from the cheeky teaser Sean shared on social media this week …

Well, not too many people picked up on they keys Sean’s holding in the photo, which is a big clue as to what Sean’s been up to? But at last, with his plans all sorted, Sean’s now ready to share his big news …

"I’m really happy to share that SOS Entertainment now has a base in Rochester … and I’m so excited! It’s the next step for us to have a proper base where customers who want to hire party entertainment can come along, sit down and have a consultation.

Especially after the last year, where everyone's had to do so many things virtually, it means we can meet with our customers before events and let them connect with us in person, with the chance to sit in comfort, have a cup of tea and tell us what they’d like for their weddings, birthdays, anniversaries.

Having a base also means they’ll be able to look at our videos as well as see some of our equipment and products we’ve got. It’s a chance to have a good chat so we can personalise our packages and events to exactly what our customers want, and for them to enjoy a good overview of everything that SOS has to offer. It also makes it easier to organise the paperwork - always a good thing!"

party zone
Sean's now got the keys and is getting ready to set up his one-stop party shop!

Sean’s already a well-known fixture in Rochester (hello, FC Catalans) so finding the perfect premises in Strood couldn’t have come at a better time for SOS Entertainment.

"A lot of our bookings are for this area of Kent, so it's great that our base is on one of the main roads in Strood. Passing traffic will be able to see who we are and where we are, ready for when they want to hire party entertainment and bouncy castles.

Mind you, it's important to say that our new base isn't going to take the place of our online presence, contact methods and one-stop online shop. Instead, having our Rochester shop-front will add to the ways we offer customers the best service possible, in whatever way is most convenient for them."

More updates to come as Sean prepares the shop  ready for customers. In the meantime though, all contact numbers remain the same and bookings to hire party entertainment in the south east are being taken across all the SOS Entertainment products and party packages.   Check back for more photos and updates as the shop takes shape, but in the meantime …

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