What does SOS have in common with an independent rescue boat charity?  They both respond to an SOS call! No, it’s not the worst cracker joke in the world, it’s Sean’s way of sharing his charity sponsorship for 2024! 

Yes, Sean’s happy to announce SOS Entertainment is proud to sponsor the Pett Slip Buoys, the shanty crew who are all volunteers with Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat. 


As an independent rescue boat charity, Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat (PLIRB) receives no central or government funding. Instead, its hard-working volunteers, many of whom also have day-jobs, raise the funds needed to meet the rescue boat’s £12k+ annual running costs. They’re always busy with fundraising, donations, grant-seeking and sponsorships, as well as training, maintaining equipment and being ‘on-call’ for rescues on the coastline along Pett Level, between Hastings and Rye.  

And that’s just the running costs – when it comes to big expenses such as replacing equipment, the fundraising really has to go up a notch. So, with a replacement now needed for the charity’s larger boat – to the tune of around £60k – the volunteers decided to do something different. Several volunteers had already formed a small shanty-singing group for fun, so they decided to put this fun into FUNdraising and use their performances to help raise dedicated funds for the new rescue boat.

Sean with PLIRB volunteer crews

Unfortunately though, outside performances (just like rescues) have been taking place in all kinds of wind and weather. And without a sound system and microphones, the Pett Slip Buoys were proving a little challenged in the sound department. Sean’s a friend of the charity, having held a sponsored bike ride to fundraise for them during the pandemic, and he always lends PLIRB his sound system for their annual Open Day fundraiser, so they reached out, initially to see if Sean could advise or help.

And less than 3 days later, Sean came up with a solution, providing the Buoys with a complete mixer sound system with speakers – plus 8 wireless head microphones! This means their voices will carry better in outdoor conditions so those shanties can be heard far and wide. Plus, individual headsets mean the Buoys can hear each other better, which improves overall performance. It also means they now have their own PA system for Open Days and fundraisers!

“The Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat is a great cause and provides a vital service. It's fantastic to be able to provide something which will help the Pett Slip Buoys to raise money needed towards a replacement boat because the charity just doesn't receive major funding - every penny has to be raised through donations, fundraisers, grants and sponsors."

Sadly, Sean wasn’t able to attend the Pett Slip Buoys’ first performance using the mics and system. However, after handing over the system, he did join them to watch a festive performance for an older community group – and also spotted something very special.

SOS charity sponsorship for PLIRB
The Pett Slip Buoys performing for community groups

"It was amazing, seeing the guys out there performing and seeing the smiles they're putting on people's faces.I'm so happy to be involved with Pett Slip Buoys because it's two-fold; one - helping raise vital funds for a good cause and two - seeing the joy that the Pett Slip Buoys are bringing to the audiences they're singing to. .

Everyone was singing, clapping, enjoying it and that's what we're all about as well! When you're making people happy and bringing a smile to their faces, that also makes a difference. And making a difference is what the PLIRB aims to do, what the Pett Slip Buoys aim to do and it's certainly something we aim to do and to support them with. And what could be more fitting than PLIRB and the Pett Slip Buoys having support from SOS Entertainment!'

Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat and the Pett Slip Buoys are all volunteers and were completely blown away to receive sponsorship through the gift of the sound and mic system.

"The amazing PA system that Sean from SOS Entertainment very genrously donated is a great asset! PLIRB will use it on their Open Days and fundraisers and the newly-formed Pett Slips Buoys will be putting the system to good use on their outside performances in the future too! All of which helps us to raise the major funds we need for the new boat."

We’ll keep you updated as the newly wired-for-sound Pett Slip Buoys perform throughout the coming year. You can find out more about the work of Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat on their website and more about the Pett Slip Buoys on Facebook



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