Kickball Inflatable Dartboard with Sides


Another exciting addition to Sean’s football fun range – his kickball inflatable dartboard! 

Amazing and amusing for all the family or at events, this game has all the fun of football with the dart-score twist! Create beat-the-score and leaderboard challenges  by kicking the velcro soft balls at the scoring ‘face’ of the inflatable dart board.


This particular inflatable is also ideal for home and fete use as it has mesh sides to help ‘contain’ wayward balls – perfect if space is limited or you don’t want this game to impose on nearby activities.

Lots of exciting ways to play, including:

  • Team competitions and tournaments.
  • Individual leaderboard competitions.
  • Just for fun!
  • An interesting way to train for ‘on-target’ goal practice for football enthusiasts and league teams. Hint: youth teams love this inflatable to add a twist to training sessions!


Hire costs include:

  • Set up and take down.
  • Full insurance.


A non refundable deposit is required to secure your date & current pricing.


Sean’s kickball inflatable dartboard with sides offers perfect football fun for all ages and abilities. Play as leaderboard challenges, as a ‘traditional’ darts game or just enjoy some beat-the-score and on-board target practice, the choice is yours.


Hire package starts from £150
  • 10 soft ‘dart’ footballs included.
  • Soft ‘dart’ options also available.
  • Setting up.
  • Taking down.


Item details
  • Huge dart board ‘face’ for aiming and scoring.
  • Inflatable ribs and mesh sides to allow air flow but to help contain the balls in play.
  • Attractive ‘Shootout’ signage to create a fun play arena.
  • Ground ties for extra safety and stability.
  • Safe to use outdoors for adults and older children.


Ask us about
  • Extending the hire time.
  • Hiring this item as a bundle alongside some of our other inflatable and soft play items.


Planning to enjoy this kickball inflatable dartboard?

Great choice, but please remember to factor the size of this item and space you’ll need into your planning:

  • Consider the overall height and width of the inflatable as well as space needed around it for safety ground pegging and generator.
  • Although the front end of the inflatable creates an attractive arena and safer kick zone, you’ll also need to allow a run up space, suited to the size and strength of the players!
  • Access for set up and take down is an important part of a successful hire. If you’re hiring our kickball inflatable dartboard for an outdoor event, please check with your venue about their access preferences before booking.
  • This is a heavy item to get to the right spot. Occasionally, there may be an extra charge based on location and accessibility. If you’re not sure, please do give us a call and we can chat about it before booking.


Remember, we can bundle our soft play and inflatable items into customised packages to bring down the cost of your party entertainment. Check out the You May Also Like … products below and get in touch to ask us about package deals when booking our outdoor inflatable dart board!


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