As our friends know, we’re keen to be part of local business networks. We  regularly work with Rochester’s It’sTheBiz local business advertising magazine and we’re glad to say that now that lockdown’s lifting, they’re getting back into circulation!

What’s more, we’re also happy to reveal that Sean said “I do” to a wedding tips article in issue #3 of It’sTheBiz. 

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A wealth of wedding experience - SEAN SHARES HIS TOP TIPS

After all, with restrictions lifting, the wedding industry is starting to revive. As Sean has plenty of advice and expertise about wedding entertainment to share, he’s taken a double spread! In his special article, he shares some of his know-how to help make it easier for anyone starting their wedding planning.

“The thing is, not everyone can afford a professional wedding planner to do everything for them. I've learned such a lot from all of the weddings we've been involved in, plus from organising our wedding entertainment packages.

Many couples are finding things particularly hard after the lockdown. So, if our experience can be helpful for those planning a DIY wedding on a budget, then it's great to be able to share it. It's also fantastic that It'sTheBiz is back in circulation and we look forward to getting some enquiries from this wedding promotion, so we can help couples with their entertainment too."

Work has already started on getting some of Sean’s wedding entertainment expertise out on the blog too, with Wedding Venue Questions #1 published and more posts in the series to come.

In the meantime though, check out the article in It’sTheBiz and pop onto the SOS Facebook thread to ask questions you’d like answered in our future blogs and special wedding articles.


Start off with our wedding packages then get in touch to ask us for more details or for something special.

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