Did you know, at SOS Entertainment  we don’t just help your planning and preparation by offering a one-stop shop for your wedding and party needs? That’s right, we also work with professionals who can manage your event in real-time …

Time to raise a glass to welcome the services of our friends at Men in Red Toastmasters.

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Just like our work with professional wedding photographer Mark Thompson and live music specialist Calli Malpas, we’re very pleased to share that we can create bespoke wedding packages which include booking the much-acclaimed services of Men in Red Toastmasters.

Michael Brunker, Toastmaster with Men in Red, is available for all kinds of events and celebrations, including:

  • Weddings
  • Award ceremonies
  • Corporate functions
  • Conferences
  • Special dinners 

The services of toastmaster Michael can be added to any of our wedding packages and party entertainment services


So what are the benefits of booking toastmasters as part of your wedding, event or celebration?

  • Toastmasters work with you well in advance of your day. With their considerable experience, they’ll recognise the aspects you’ll need to pay attention to and those details you might have missed.
  • They can work with the venue for you, to ensure you get the set up you’ve asked for. They can also work alongside your service providers – including your favourite wedding DJ – to get things ready and running smoothly.
  • Your toastmasters can oversee your whole event, making announcements, helping guests to be in the right place at the right time, and introducing speeches and speakers.
Find out more about the benefits of booking toastmasters in our upcoming blog.
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It’s easy to book Toastmasters as part of your wedding or party package.

Because we work closely with Michael, we can do all of the organising for you – including the best possible price when included in one of our wedding packages.

Please use the contact form to share:

* Your contact details.

* Date of the event (if already in place).

* Information about the party or event .

* If it’s a wedding, you could also give us information about the wedding package you’d like the price included with.

 We’ll come back to you quickly and get the conversation started!