As existing customers know, Sean regards his role as a DJ – and particularly a wedding DJ – as a huge privilege. He loves nothing more than to bring his customers the party, the dances, the requests and the celebration atmosphere they truly deserve. 

So we’re pleased to reveal that Sean is nominated in the category of BEST DJ in the 2021 Wedding Industry Awards.  

wedding industry awards 2021

voting is open in the 2021 wedding industry awards

With his nomination in the wedding DJ category, customers eligible to vote must have: 


  • Had a wedding party delivered by Sean, where he was the DJ at any point in the celebration.
  • Held their wedding between 23rd March 2019 and 9th October 2020.

This means the voter dates are currently open, and can reflect even those smaller micro-weddings that have been in place since Covid crashed into the events, parties and wedding industry.

“Everyone in the wedding industry has been having a difficult time, and our heart goes out to those couples who have had to have a very different type of wedding to what they had originally planned.

At SOS Entertainment, we've really tried to adjust to what customers need and to what restrictions allow, ever since the beginning of 2020. Because TWIA are at the heart of an industry which has been so badly hit by the pandemic, they really recognise what we've been facing and how hard 2020 has been. It's great that they've extended the voter date range for eligible parties, as this wider range for the awards means that customers who've had a full on big wedding in 2019 where I've been the DJ, plus those smaller weddings with everything on a reduced scale, will all have the chance to vote.

I'm very excited to be nominated in the DJ category. If I've delivered the perfect party and been your dream DJ within those eligible dates, it would be amazing to have your votes!"

So, if Sean provides your wedding DJ services between 23rd March 2019 and 9th October 2020, please feel free to join in with the spirit of The Wedding Industry Awards.

It’s just as much about gaining feedback on your experience as a customer so that other couples can choose their wedding DJ with confidence, as much as the vote.

But of course, getting your vote would be lovely too and would mean a lot to SOS Entertainment and to Sean.

Your quick link to the voting page is here.

Sean’s also working hard to organise the best deals possible for future weddings at this time of uncertainty. Watch the blog for more details on his latest Double Date idea! 

In the meantime, there other useful information about Sean’s wedding services and expertise can be found here:



As well as having annual awards for excellence, the TWIA also have a directory of wedding suppliers.

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