Planning a proposal at home in the near future? Our Sean’s happy to help with some superb wedding proposal ideas, all suited to a romantic proposal at home.


Dreary days and long dark nights can be an ally for wedding proposal ideas – just add romantic lighting. From candlelight as you get down on one knee, to switching on neon lights which ask the question for you. 

If you want to do something different a ring light is also a fun way to ask that very important question. It’s also a dramatic way to really surprise them as they walk in. Alternatively, and if you’re worried words will fail you, you could even hire the question!

Either way, it’s fantastic fun to see how long it takes for the penny to drop with your partner if you’re saying it with lights!


A simple but memorable moment can be created with a date night dinner. This is generally easy to organise at home, or add a romantic twist by hiring a special space.

Our garden dome can be transformed with afabulous accessories into a dining dome. This private space with low lights is the perfect place to propose. This is such a popular idea that we have a whole other blog dedicated to our garden igloo dome – or ‘proposal pod’ as it’s also known to happy couples who’ve hired it for that very purpose! Other things you might want to include are: 

  • Special date or dish which incorporates the ring, the question or both.
  • Create ambiance with lighting – an LED light-up table is included in the dining set up hire and adds magic to the memorable moment.
  • It’s also possible to get custom-made cutlery or tableware to pose the question – checkout Pinterest and Etsy for ideas and inspiration.
  • How about a plate with ‘Marry Me?” that your partner won’t see until the meal is eaten?
garden igloo dome hire
romantic proposal ideas, light up dining table, igloo dome


Movie nights at home can be a regular feature of our lives. This makes it easy to plan yet keep the surprise right up to that special moment.
  • Favourite rom-com with a proposal scene? How about stealing that proposal moment from the film – just surprise your partner by pausing the film and enact the moment for real.
  • Plan ahead by creating a home video of photos and videos of your romantic journey to date. Pop this on instead of the film and choose your moment. Perhaps propose when the video is finished or selfie yourself making the proposal and play it as part of the video!

If you want to add something a little more magical to the movie idea – have your own video ready. If you’re hiring the garden dome, Sean can help set this up as part of the dome hire, just provide the movie or memory stick!


Want to propose but need to save every penny towards the wedding itself? Sean also has a few good wedding proposal ideas which won’t cost a fortune:

  • Take your partner a cup of their favourite frothy coffee – with that special question topping.
  • Engage your pet as a proposal assistant – just slip the engagement ring onto the cat or dog collar and let the pet do the rest (just make sure the cat doesn’t run out of the cat flap before the magic moment)!
  • Or get the kids involved in dressing up and delivering the message
  • If life is usually full of lists you pass between the two of you, add it to the list and see how long it takes your partner to spot it! Have something special like a dinner date to share once they do!
  • Make music together – this is a great option if you’re in the habit of having playlists in the background of your daily life. Create a playlist of your regular favourites, or tunes which reflect your relationship and sneak in a couple of proposal-type tracks. Bruno Marrs Marry You may be a little obvious but if that doesn’t cut it, there’s also Marry Me, by Train; Just say Yes – Snow Patrol; Better Together – Jack Johnson.
    A musical moment is rumoured to be the way George Clooney proposed to Amal and we all know how wonderfully that worked out for them! When your partner comments “this isn’t one of our songs” you have the perfect set up for getting on one knee and making it so!
fireside screen for romantic proposal ideas

Hope this helps – and if all goes well, let us know if you need help with engagement party and wedding entertainment planning.


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