This is a very special announcement introducing Men in Red Toastmasters to our family of professionals. If you’ve attended a wedding where Sean is the DJ, you will know how great he is, but even superman Sean can’t spin the discs and organise the day for you, but he knows a man who can!

If you’ve been involved in the organising of a wedding before, you will know:

  • How time-consuming and difficult it is.
  • That organising the smooth running things on the day spoils your enjoyment of the occasion.
  • How everything runs much better when there is a specialist managing the day.


And Sean knows this too, so he’s pleased to say “meet Michael” toastmaster from professional wedding service, Men in Red.

Of course, Sean’s still as helpful as ever and happy to provide advice and a one-stop shop for your wedding needs. But this is exactly why he’s linked up with the fantastic Men in Red, to offer a little extra for your large or upmarket wedding. Sean still offers his fabulous MC service with the DJ package, but when you need help for the flow of the overall day, Michael is the man.


Sean is delighted to add Men in Red to his trusted suppliers’ wedding package list, to help bring you the perfect wedding day. Sean’s list features a group of high-quality professionals who all work well together to bring you the celebration of your dreams. 

As a result, the SOS Entertainment website offers you the perfect one-stop-shop solution for choosing a comprehensive wedding entertainment package, plus a pick ‘n mix of the best wedding day options, including professional services for the perfect wedding day.

"I'm so pleased to be working with Michael to help offer my couples that extra bit of something special for their day. Michael is amazing at helping couples and their guests to navigate all parts of the celebration, smoothly and with that extra flair that takes the occasion to the next level."

toastmaster benefits

Adding a toastmaster at your wedding provides many advantages for you, your friends and family. Here are just some toastmaster benefits:

A toastmaster is the professional organiser who has the responsibility for the smooth running of the different parts of the day. Of course, you’ll have a chat with Michael before the day to run through everything, but you will find his experience and knowledge invaluable.  Michael, your cheerful Men in Red toastmaster will coordinate and keep everything running smoothly, meaning that everyone else can relax and enjoy the wedding.

Although our wedding toastmasters are about so much more than wedding toasts, they certainly have toast expertise too! Michael can tell you who toasts at a wedding, the wedding toasts order and even suggest wedding speech alternatives, if speeches aren’t your thing. With a bit of joint planning, Michael and Sean will give you the wedding entertainment that you want, not that someone thinks you should have.  They are never dull and disorderly! 

Of course, when you want all the formality and pomp of an upmarket ceremony, then Men in Red are a crucial ingredient to achieve the wedding reception of your desires.  They don’t just bring their unique addition of red-coated magic to your wedding day, they also bring years of training, expertise and experience to the day and the advance planning.

22-09 MEN IN RED - benefits

Sean and Michael are happy to work together with a budget-friendly buddy-up to deliver your day, your way. To find out more, check out Sean’s Men in Red Toastmaster page and get in touch using the Let’s Chat button below. 


To add Michael's wedding toastmaster services to your bespoke wedding entertainment package from SOS Entertainment, contact Sean.

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