Planning your wedding can be wonderful – but also a bit overwhelming. With so many trends out there, it’s easy to feel blindsided by options and pressured to follow them. But trends are great for inspiring your thoughts, just keep in mind your day is about the two of you. For a party which reflects your uniqueness as a couple, simply pick and choose what you use.

If you’re not sure where to get started on planning your wedding, trends can also be helpful for inspiring a plan. But then where do you start with finding the right supplier to deliver the dream? No one needs that confusion, so Sean’s taken a look at some of the predicted trends for 2024 and added a few thoughts about sourcing suppliers for your wedding day.

#1: Wedding hire - plus planet-friendly

Couples still want to share their love and commitment, even during a cost-of-living crisis that feels like it’s been going on forever. But many couples are compromising by hiring rather than buying many of the items they’d like on the day. This isn’t just budget-friendly, it’s also great because hiring wedding elements also fits in with another rising trend for 2024: eco-weddings, as hiring is a much more sustainable option. From hiring your wedding wardrobe, to decor, cutlery and crockery for the celebration, hiring most items can be incredibly cost-effective, but also save the planet by avoiding fast-fashion and single-use plastic. Aside from that wedding wardrobe, other popular hire items from a useful list over at Hitched include:
  • Light up letter hire
  • Garden games hire
  • Flower wall
  • Dance floor and lighting hire

Another way to save money is, once you’ve found your ideal wedding hire service, ask about discounts when you hire all the items you need as a complete wedding entertainment bundle. For instance, Sean offers superb discounts when you hire any (or all) of the above items as part of your DJ wedding package. Oh, and you wouldn’t need to hire a wedding planner to bring your party all together for you, as Sean also offers this service free for customers booking his wedding entertainment services.
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#2 Tech Trends

With the advance of AI, tech is now trending in the world of weddings too, according to The Knot.

Sean was pleased to see that QR codes feature, as this is something he’s been using for a while to support guests using tech to place requests. QR codes also work well with photobooths

Another strong trend for 2024 is LED screens. Sean’s DJ booth options include LED and plasma screens and his big reveal for 2024 is his video wall which can literally sync up to the party or feature meaningful moments. Ask Sean about how he can work with your photographer (he also has one he can recommend) so that wedding photos from the day can even be included for the evening guests to see, to create a fully immersive wedding party.

#3 Retro Weddings

It might be 2024 but the 70s are in, bringing with it a massive demand for vintage and retro styling. Whilst it’s most notable in wedding hair and wear, the theme can carry right through to florals, decor and dancing too! Sean can facilitate the trend right through to your wedding party, with his original ‘light box’ disco booth which is still in perfect working order. Of course, Sean can work with you to cultivate a playlist from whichever era you’d like or if you’ve planned your own he’s happy to deliver the dance tunes to make your day.

And then there’s the dynamic dance floor. OK it’s modern technology but it’s a great way to bring a colourful, retro vibe to the dance floor. Finish it off with the floral photowall for the photobooth and ask about settings and props to suit your era of choice, or supply your own to add vintage touch to party photos too.

#4 Celebrant Weddings

Set to be one of the biggest trends for 2024, celebrant-led ceremonies are incredibly popular and are a large part of the overall trend for unique wedding ceremonies. Just 15% of couples married in a church or other religious house of worship in the UK in 2023 (2023 Key Trends Wedding Industry Report) – meaning 85% choose civil, humanist and venue ceremonies involving celebrants. Booking a specialist celebrant to conduct the ceremony at your venue is a wonderful way to personalise that perfect moment to reflect your beliefs, values and relationship. The important thing is that, when you meet celebrants to make your choice, you both feel a connection and feel that you’re listened to. Your goal is to find a professional who’s committed to making your ceremony as meaningful and memorable as it can be.

Sean talks a lot to his couples about bespoke party packages and having a celebrant is another way of personalising your day. Most wedding directories now include a swathe of celebrants to choose from, who will work with you to plan the ceremony in the same way that Sean connects with you to plan the party. Sean can also recommend celebrants too and is happy to work with your celebrant as required, as he’s often hired all day too. And sometimes even longer …
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#5 Extended Celebrations - Wedding Weekends!

For many couples, spending extra time with friends and family is an important part of a wedding gathering. So for many, extending the time to include a full day before (most popular) or an extra day afterwards is an ideal way to share time together.

This can also be a considerate nod to friends and family who may need to travel a significant distance to attend the wedding. That extra day before can particularly offer a relaxed time spent together – a ‘wedding welcome’ before the wedding itself. This extra time together is a ‘built-in’ benefit of destination weddings, but there’s no need to go that far with your journey or your wedding budget, as it’s now a popular trend for UK weddings too.

Wedding suppliers like Sean are happy to offer extended hire services. For example, Sean’s wedding bouncy castle, chill-out garden dome and hospitality hire items such as prosecco wall, crisp wall and donut wall can also have extended hire. These items are popular for ‘wedding welcome’ gatherings as well as for magical moments on the day also.

#6 Lounging areas

Yes, styled lounging areas are officially a thing, so it’s worth asking your prospective venues about extra space for a chill-out zone. 

If there’s no space indoors, or the wedding is outdoors, Sean has an option which has already proved popular at several weddings. His 5m garden dome can be set up in a bespoke way for chilling out, for toys and softplay and even for gaming, so you can share your love with the guests by offering a space for them to kick back a little. It’s also ideal for those ‘in-between’ activities. 

Wedding suppliers like Sean are happy to offer extended hire services. For example, Sean’s wedding bouncy castle, chill-out garden dome and hospitality hire items such as prosecco wall, crisp wall and donut wall can also have extended hire. These items are popular for ‘wedding welcome’ gatherings as well as for magical moments on the day also.

Of course, wedding trends will come and go but it’s the marriage which lasts. So whilst it’s fun to talk trends and find features you’d love to include on your day, make sure you also discuss what’s important and relevant to both of you as a couple too.

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