Winter weddings can be magical – UK weather permitting! Although the weather‘s usually the main reason why April to September are peak months for UK weddings, winter weddings are a popular alternative. If you’re flexible about the date, you can also find more options for venue choice and wedding supplier availability, plus some of these will offer off-peak rates too!

If you’re fortunate enough to hit winter weather that’s more frost and sparkle than wind and rain, winter weddings can also offer a beautiful, ready-made magical atmosphere. But, before you dive straight into planning a winter wedding filled with mulled wine, hot toddies, fur capes and Christmas trees, Sean has a few things thoughts and winter wedding entertainment ideas …

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Most of us visit venues well in advance, when the season is often very different. If you did this back in the summer, take a moment to consider what your venue will be like in the winter?

If you’re holding your ceremony and reception at the same venue it usually makes things easier when it comes to winter weather. But, if you have multiple venues for your guests to travel between, then consider the impact of adverse weather. Is it a quick dash on foot from your wedding venue to your reception venue? Could a stash of umbrellas by the door come in handy if there’s a downpour at the wrong moment? Planning for the different scenarios beforehand will save stress on the day.

Another thing to consider is how does your venue look after dark? Many couples only view their venue during the daytime , most likely in the spring or summer months when the days were longer and the light was, well, lighter!

At the other end of the year, having a cosy, inviting atmosphere is going to be important so try to view your venue at night or in the afternoon during the winter to get an idea. Alternatively, ask the venue if they have photos or stalk their website for any photos of winter weddings (and other events) which show the venue with its evening lighting. As most of your wedding reception will be after dark, it’s going to be an important thing to consider especially for your wedding photography too …

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Capturing the day in all its splendour is something every couple’s looking for. Photos can last a lifetime and keep memories fresh and alive, so it’s essential to give extra thought to photos for winter weddings.

But natural light through winter is very different to the summer months. For one thing, winter brings fewer hours of daylight, so it’s important to time photoshoots to make the most of natural light and winter atmosphere.

Depending on your wedding schedule, you may prefer photos to be taken before, not after the ceremony – especially if your ceremony’s in the late afternoon. This way, you’ll still be able to take advantage of the natural light and capture outdoor shots, if that’s what you are looking for.

Many winter days offer gorgeous, dreamy lighting which it’d be a shame not to use. Most professional photographers are experienced in capturing weddings across all seasons and light levels so, if it helps:

  • If you want a particular mood or aesthetic for your photographs, chat to prospective photographers before booking.
  • Ask to see photographs around the time of year you are considering, to see how they work creatively with low light or adverse weather.
  • Sean has a professional photographer colleague who he works with on weddings. Ask to see his portfolio and about adding this into a package price.

When it comes to the party, a photobooth is a fabulous, easy solution for grabbing your guests in action, along with messages and memories – in a setup which isn’t affected by the surrounding light. It’s also an attractive extra to your wedding décor too – a win-win for winter weddings!


Speaking of décor, getting married around the Christmas period can mean big savings on your wedding décor. Most venues are likely to be already decorated for the festive season, so it’s a good idea to check what decorations are in place, how they’ll look and if they fit with your overall vision, so there isn’t a clash with how you want your day to look. If you have a different vision in mind and would prefer not to use the venue’s decorations it’s worth chatting with the venue to see if they’re flexible about removing their decorations and allowing you to have free rein.

Of course, not all venues will have festive decorations in their function rooms. Many choose to leave their dedicated wedding spaces blank for their couples to organise, so if you’re expecting decoration to be done, it’s worth checking!

Remember that your wedding entertainment can contribute to your décor too:

  • Sean’s plasma DJ booth can include images of your romantic journey across all seasons.
  • Light up letters create a feature and add lighting, plus atmosphere.
  • A photobooth also creates a self-decorated entertainment space and Sean has many backdrop options for an easy way to decorate the venue and create an attractive space for evening wedding guest entertainment.


Finally, about that entertainment. Although the summer is perfect for taking the party outside, some venues have extra spaces and places for adding indoor entertainment for a winter wedding. Evening wedding entertainment ideas which can come inside include:

  • Wedding mini golf – hire starts from just 4 holes, so if there’s no space for the full 18 a small set up can be used. This is a great way to bring families together and ideal entertainment for those ‘in between’ moments of your celebration.
  • Wedding softplay – it can be hard enough to entertain small children at a wedding, but add in poor weather where you can’t take them outside to ‘run off steam’ and things start to get difficult for guests with young families. You can help them with wedding softplay hire, which often fits easily into a corner of the venue. It allows the kids some extra fun that’s just for them and makes for much more relaxed parents who are glad to be part of the day rather than needing to rush away!
  • A wedding foosball table is also a great way to add to the entertainment in a fun indoor way for your winter wedding too.

Remember, any of Sean’s DJ and wedding entertainment packages can be personalised to what you need for those wonderful winter weddings – just give him a call to sort it all.

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