A very strange and worrying 2020 is finally coming to an end! So how has it been for SOS Entertainment? 

Well, after a wonderful festive period in 2019, with SOS Entertainment supplying Christmas party fun for businesses and families across the whole season, everything came to a halt in March 2020, when our own, and many other industries, had to close down due to Covid-19.

Overall, just a few wedding bookings were able to go ahead just before the pandemic took hold and before the initial government response became restrictions. And during the summer lull of the ‘new normal’ we were honoured to be a part of some very small weddings. But, in all, 2020 has meant that SOS Entertainment has had its quietest year ever.

Despite all this though, as well as being a star DJ, Sean’s also Mr. Positive and he’s able to look back on 2020 with some positive thinking.

“Although this has been a mad year, and a very quiet one for the business, we’ve had some real highlights. Being nominated in The Wedding Industry Awards, and then reaching the Regional Finals in the Wedding DJ category was just amazing. It’s been great engaging with other industry specialists.

“And to be honest, the whole thing was pretty humbling: I was so touched by the comments made by customers who took the time to vote for me, and by the responses from the judges and the support of people who follow my social media and my business.

I absolutely love the wedding side of the party industry and it’s great to know that my focus on making every wedding party as personal as possible is loved by the customers. Without doubt, I’m looking forward to building on this success in 2021 and taking the wedding party side of the business to the next level.”

new year, new gear

So, whilst the business being closed down, Sean has been busy in the background, building it up to expand the equipment and services available to hire.

“We’re very excited to have expanded our services with our fantastic new DJ equipment, and digital sound and vision systems.

But it’s not just couples getting married who’ve had a frustrating year - kids have had a horrible time too! So, we’ve bought in lots of colourful fun play items for kids, all of which are going to be listed and available from 2021. There’ll be lots of options - from single items, to basic packages and bespoke bundles - and across them all we’re keeping costs to customers as low as we can so that 2021 can be a lot more fun for the kids than 2020 has been.”


nhs support
local charity fundraising events, SOS charity support

Sean’s also very happy to have been involved with helping others during 2020, as the blogs on his assistance for a local independent rescue boat charity and the loan of the SOS party van for the NHS shared.

“Yeah, this year may have meant there were many things I couldn’t do,” Sean shrugs. “But what I was able to do was help out where I can and it’s a privilege to have been able to help some very worthy causes.”


“In all, this Christmas we're not looking back, our focus is forward, on the future. We're looking forward to it being safe for getting out there and partying again, for sure. Hopefully people can stay safe until the vaccine is available for everyone and we can all get back out there for all those celebrations people have missed this year … as well as for those end of Covid parties!”

Speaking of which, also Sean’s got a bit of a discount planned for those on the booking list, when those post-pandemic, #EndOfCovid celebrations start, so keep an eye on the website and Sean’s social media for more information.

Until then though, Sean and everyone who’s involved in SOS Entertainment would like to share a Christmas message of love and hope, wishing all customers, visitors to the website, plus everyone who supports and shares Sean’s social media, the best possible Christmas and all the very best for a Happy and Healthy New Year.

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