Whenever Sean receives a DJ hire enquiry, one of the first questions is about the size of his DJ booth equipment! And Sean’s answer is always the same …  what size do you need?


Because Sean sees offering a range of DJ booth sizes as part of the personal service and bespoke party packages he’s so proud of.  After all, not all venues and private party locations have the same space available!

So, Sean’s invested in a whole range of DJ sound and vision set ups. Any of these can stand-alone or can be mixed and matched to suit all sizes of space and all types of venue.

Sean’s gallery below showcases some of his DJ set up options. There’s also a link below to a second gallery page. This includes measurements, so if you want to check sizes, the info’s all there for you.


Here’s a link to a second gallery page which includes measurements. This way, if you want to check sizes, the info you need is available to you.


George Michael famously sang “let’s go outside” so Sean has party options for the great outdoors too. From festival stage set ups to his mobile glitterball disco, Sean has DJ booth options for outdoor events.

Plus, for outside-but-wet-weatherproof partying, Sean’s inflatable marquee can also come into play to accommodate his staging and various DJ set ups. And of course, his disco domes are outdoor options in their own right too! 

Benefits of dj booth options

There are several reasons why it can be useful to have a choice from different DJ booth options:

  • It allows a range of choices which work with any size restrictions or equipment accessibility limitations as possible. Yes, sixth floor and no lift, we’re looking at you!
  • Digital display is increasingly in demand, but it’s not for everyone. Having options of more or less screens allows for personal choice. It also brings the chance to make the most of digital displays to add a unique touch for weddings, family celebrations and corporate events.
  • Sean’s set up options can blend or contrast (your choice) with the background setting or venue type. For instance, Sean has DJ booths which complement a rustic barn or add a classic look to a contemporary setting.
  • Customers have DJ booth options which add to their party’s atmosphere and decoration, not distract from it or stick out like a sore thumb in the event space or venue.
  • Choosing the right booth also means having a choice of speaker options, to create the right audio atmosphere for the venue (and any limits around sound).
  • You get the perfect DJ (no names mentioned ..!) and a choice of how he sets up … rather than having to hire a mediocre DJ whose the only one with gear that will fit your space or venue.
And finally, for any type of event or party: Sean’s DJ booth options means he’ll probably have the solution to any potential party problem, query or concern you might have at the planning and DJ hire stage.

So, if you have any questions about Sean’s DJ booth set ups and suitability for your venue or party space, please just ask! 


A basic booth set up is included in Sean's wedding and party packages. But mixing, matching & upgrading is all possible to create a DJ booth that fits your space & your idea of the perfect sound & vision experience for your party!

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