Did you know, baby showers and gender reveal parties are a popular booking for us? Of course you did! After all, any excuse for a party and we’ll be there! So we’re happy to share some gender reveal ideas that will ensure the party goes with a pop!

baby shower gender reveal

gender reveal: who's in the know - and when?

A gender reveal party usually happens once the gender of the baby has been confirmed – around week 20 of the pregnancy. Some parents decide to keep ‘mum’ until after the birth, others choose to combine the gender reveal with a baby shower, whilst others see the big reveal as a real occasion to share.

Because baby showers are typically held much later in pregnancy, a gender reveal party held around the 20-25 week mark, gives guests the opportunity to share and delight in the big reveal. On a practical level, it also means family and friends gain the insight they need to give gender specific gifts at the baby shower if they so wish. 

Revealing the gender of the baby to everyone at once solves the problem of who to tell first and makes sure all friends and family are in on the secret at the same time.

gender reveal balloon with confetti
baby gender reveal

The #1 item for gender reveal parties is the SOS Entertainment Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon & Balloon.

And of course, it goes without saying it’s a fantastic way to make the big reveal. Colour options are traditional – pink or blue. Yes, you’ll have to let us know which you need in advance of the party, but we’re excellent at keeping mum – your fabulous secret is more than safe with us. No one will know until the balloon is popped and / or the cannon released. 

selfie post box hire
prosecco wall hire


Of course, you may not want pops and bangs for your big reveal so instead – or even as well as – we have a few more gender reveal ideas for you …

Add tasteful decoration and anticipation to your party, with our blue / pink light up question mark. This also makes a great welcome feature as guests arrive at your party!

You can also add fun to a gender reveal party, by getting your guests to commit to a guess before the reveal.

Our lockable post boxes are a great way to do this. Just place the post box on a table, with two stacks of cards alongside – pink or blue (or two different colours if you want to do something alternative). Guests write their name onto the card which reflects their boy or girl gender guess. Then, they pop it into the box. 

This works well with the traditional post box, but our selfie post box adds a variation, as guests can take their photo holding their guess card. And of course, they get a copy of the photo as a memento.

After the announcement, just unlock the post box and share who guessed correctly and maybe reward them with a prize? 

Our wooden baby blocks have many uses and are particular fun at a gender reveal event:

  • Order with a mixture of pink and blue balloons as a gender-themed teaser. Used this way, they also easily take care of decorating the room. 
  • Order with the gender colour of your choice and hide the boxes under a cloth until whippping it off with a theatrical flourish! This is an eye-catching but quiet alternative to those pop and bang options, perfect for small family gatherings.

Still with balloons (because who doesn’t love a balloon, right?) how about an upwards reveal thanks to helium balloons?

Order helium balloons in your chosen gender colour and seal tightly into a box decorated with ???

This can be a great way to involve existing children in the celebration. You might not want them involved in putting the balloons into the box, if you’re worried they’ll reveal the colour, but you could certainly give them the important job of opening the box at the right moment.

This idea also works well alongside the gender confetti balloon pop, especially if you get the guests to count down to the big moment, 3-2-1 style!

The party cake is a great way of continuing the theme.  Create a main cake, or even cupcakes or traybakes decorated with 50;50 pink and blue. 

The main cake can have layers of both colour icing outside. But, for an added nod to the gender or even as an exciting way of revealing the gender, the icing inside can be the gender specific colour for the baby.

* If family bakers are helping with the catering and baking, get them to decorate everything in pink and blue equally, or neutral colours, so that the theme is continued but the secret is safe until you choose to reveal it with your separately baked cake.*

If you’re keen to involve other children, a great reveal method is to use a piñata. Make sure in advance that this is filled with the relevant colour sweets, confetti and streamers.

Our prosecco wall also has potential to add sparkle to the event.  Why not keep it hidden until the reveal, and use pink fizz for a girl and use general prosecco (or just a touch of blue colouring) for a boy!

You can also add a glass charm to the flutes as a party favour for each guest as thoughtful keepsake.

Don’t forget, for those smaller gatherings, we have a 30 glass tabletop prosecco wall for hire too. 

Of course, 2020 remains a little strange when it comes to family events! Thankfully though, we have plenty of other ideas about how our party entertainment items can be used to create lovely, smaller gatherings, with plenty of interest and entertainment for everyone. 

We can also put items together and offer a package price, so please get in touch if you’d like to chat through your plans.

Not just for weddings, we can personalise a post box for a little gender reveal fun too!

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