The last couple of academic years have been awful for schools and children. And after such a horrible time, we all need something to look forward to – especially our kids! 

As we move into the summer term, we’re naturally thinking ahead to the term’s end and all the leavers out there. A graduation party is a great way of celebrating all the amazing things that this year’s Year 6 pupils have managed to achieve. And they’ve achieved it all against the odds, including lockdowns and the isolation of homeschooling. 

As it’s more important than ever to give the kids the chance to mix with their peers to celebrate their amazing end of term success, Sean has some graduation party ideas the kids will love – and which won’t break the bank if you book the SOS party bundles. 

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Keep it outside

It makes sense for our graduation party ideas to focus on the outdoors. This is not only because after so much time cooped up indoors they will love the chance to run around outside, but also planning an outside event could make it possible to still go ahead whatever happens in terms of indoor restrictions.

And of course, a parent-friendly factor is that any spills and messy games are easier to clean up outside!

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decorate the outdoors

One things kids really missed through homeschooling was working as a team with their friends. So why not let the kids take care of decorations for the party as a fun team game by creating a picture and balloon wall on the outside wall of the party building? Here’s how:

  • Select all pupils’ first school photos. Print them off at around 10cm square size and attach to thin card.
  • Buy enough helium filled balloons for each child and a few spares. Or you could hire helium and pump up the balloons yourself, or nominate a willing volunteer or call to ask SOS Entertainment to supply!
  • When you attach the string to the balloons fasten each photo to a balloon string with a paperclip. A handy person can make up a quick frame or, if the event is at school there may be bicycle racks or outdoor clothes pegs that the balloons can be tied to? Display along the wall and give their balloon to each child as they leave.

Any display can be headed with the start and end year or simply the word “Goodbye” and other display ideas include:

  • Create a massive “flower” display using marshmallows on sticks. These can in turn be decorated with chocolate “mortarboards” and/or with the names of the year six pupils. This is similar to the pineapple hedgehog idea, but the flower theme will feel very grown up to year six children.
  • Have a big cake iced with the last class or year group photo. They’ll have fun seeing who they get to eat when the cake is cut up and shared out.
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practical party fun

Remember that thought about keeping the mess outside? Say hello to a paddling pool, filled with ice to keep cans, cartons and bottles of drink cool. 

It’s easier for allowing kids to help themselves and also encourages everyone (and the drinks) to stay chilled outside! Having this at a distance from any bouncy castle or inflatable party activity will create a discrete ‘chill out’ area for children who prefer to mix in a quieter way too.

graduation party mementoes

In the weeks leading up to leaving day, use a secret message system where children draw names. Then help each child to privately record a few words sharing what they like about that person and what the person brought to the class.

The audio clips are then compiled into a single MP3 that’s played on the day (your DJ can help with this if you are having a disco) and pupils can have a copy as a keepsake.

Use screens to play silent videos of  the children’s  activities and events, things like Christmas parties, Book Days, author visits and other video occasions. Then, just use the MP3 audio recordings as the soundtrack to the videos, allowing the kids to pay tribute to one another.
If you’re including games with prizes as part of the year 6 graduation party, think about using school photos. These can be printed onto individual items like drink coasters, mugs, mouse mats, journals and bookmarks as prizes. The winners will have a long lasting reminder of the party and their school friends.

But non-winners don’t have to lose out …

Personal cards and notes are often exchanged at graduation parties. So, so why not hire a selfie post box to make memories and help with the practicalities of managing all those cards?

Children can have their selfie taken as they add their cards to the box and have a copy of the photo as a memento. Then the opening of the box and distribution of the cards becomes another exciting in-party activity too.

Sean’s tip: “opening the post box is an ideal activity for when you want to bring the bouncing around down a notch or two!  Ask about adding the post box hire to a buncy castle for a special party deal.”  

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Year 6 graduation parties are slightly different to Year 11 ones as kids that age don’t necessary have their own phones for taking photos and capturing memories. Instead, our fabulous photo booth options could be an amazing addition for creating and capturing those marvellous memories. 

It’s easier for allowing kids to help themselves and also encourages everyone (and the drinks) to stay chilled outside! Having this at a distance from any bouncy castle or inflatable party activity will create a discrete ‘chill out’ area for children who prefer to mix in a quieter way too.

inflatable entertainment

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Adding bounce to a party or event is something SOS Entertainment can help you with, so Sean has some great graduation party ideas: 

  • The Disco Dome Bouncy Castle takes care of music and bounce fun all in one, easy to supervise zone. With its red and black design, multi-coloured disco lights, atmospheric interior, retro styling and Bluetooth speaker system, it offers a more grown-up option to traditional bouncy castles. And what better way to send them off to their next life stage than with a memorable, fun experience?
  • Our inflatable velcro game board is great for keeping that class team theme going right to the last minute. And there are plenty of ways to use it, from team tournaments to individual knock-outs, this inflatable is good value entertainment for any graduation party.
  • Feeling brave eNerf to let the kids go all out for team play? Then our Nerf Battle Zone and Nerf Party bundles could be a great option for outdoor entertainment and team play.
  • Our amazing inflatable maze can also be organised into a themed wonderland and fun play zone.

We can also put items together and offer a package price. Please get in touch if you’d like to chat and let Sean help you bring your Year 6 graduation party ideas to life.

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All kinds of inflatables for all kinds of events

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