At SOS Entertainment, Sean’s always eager to supply inflatables for events. For charity and community causes, he often reduces prices or provides extra special deals. Recently, he was delighted to be approached to supply inflatables on a very different basis; instead of being paid a hire fee, Sean was asked to provide inflatables at a pay-as-you-go rate to attendees, so the charity wouldn’t incur any hire costs.

Now this isn’t something Sean has been asked to do before, but you know our Sean – he’s all for supporting community causes by providing what they need. So, after visiting the charity and discussing the event, Sean provided a whole range of his inflatable activities – complete with his softplay activity trailer and a safety team to supervise each activity – all free of charge to the organisers on a wristband pay-as-you-go basis for attendees.

But being in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, Sean also wanted to benefit the community’s attendees and ensure families could have affordable fun. So he decided to go with a wrist-band PAYG system with a nominal cost of just £5 for unlimited access to all of his inflatable  activities, throughout the whole event. 

And of course, he’s more than happy to share how this fits the SOS Entertainment ethos:

"This was my first ever pay-as-you-go hire for an event - and what a fabulous event it was! It was all about commemorating and fundraising and it felt amazing to be able to offer something special and be able to give back to the community."

Making events accessible

Charity events often operate with (very) limited budgets. Providing pay-as-you-go hire makes Sean’s activities and services more accessible as the charity bears no cost. By eliminating the need for a large upfront payment, we help organisers allocate their funds efficiently and effectively, ensuring the money the event raises goes directly towards the cause they are supporting.

Encouraging community participation

Pay-as-you-go hire using a wristband system encourages greater community participation. Setting the cost low means attendees can enjoy the inflatables at a nominal fee. This not only makes the event more enjoyable, it can bring more people in, helping to raise funds, all whilst making activities more affordable for families. This model creates a win-win situation where families have fun while contributing to a good cause.

Flexibility and convenience

As an entertainment hire company, Sean completely understands how charity events can be dynamic, with changing needs and varying attendance. This pay-as-you-go option provided the flexibility to scale up or down, depending on the event’s requirements. This was also incredibly helpful for this outdoor event, in case ground and weather conditions on the day impacted on the hire. 

Commitment to Social Responsibility - and safety

Supporting charitable events aligns with SOS Entertainment’s values of social responsibility and community involvement. Sean believes in giving back to the community and helping those in need. By offering our inflatables – and other services – for charity events, Sean contributes to causes that make a positive difference in people’s lives. By providing safety supervision from his own team, Sean also saved the charity additional costs and supported the logistics and safety at the event (separate blog on this coming soon).

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Building Stronger Communities

Charity events often serve to bring communities together. By participating in these events, Sean and the SOS Entertainment team strengthen their ties with many communities across the SOS Entertainment service area, fostering a spirit of unity and support. In this way, our inflatables become more than just entertainment—they become a tool for building connections and spreading joy.

Positive impact and lasting memories

Community events are also about family fun and seeing the smiles on family’s faces and the joy our inflatables bring to an event is what we’re all about. Being a part of creating lasting memories while supporting a worthwhile cause is why we do what we do. It was also particularly poignant for this event, which was all about commemorating D-Day and remembering the contributions made by local, national and international communities during the war.

Positive impact and lasting memories

Our commitment to providing safe, fun and affordable entertainment makes us proud to be part of these special occasions, especially when it helps create successful events that benefit attendees and community causes. This event turned out to be so successful that as well as the hire of the inflatables not costing the charity a penny, Sean was also able to make a donation at the end of the event too.


Pay-as-you-go hire of inflatables for events is a new way for SOS Entertainment to support charity events. Every charity and community event is different and if you think hiring inflatables at your event on this basis could be useful, give Sean a call to get the conversation started.


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