SOS Entertainment isn’t just about providing entertainment for the dancing part of your party, we also work with professionals who can provide entertainment at other stages of the event too …

How about a Singing Waiter as part of your meal-time entertainment?

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We’re very excited to be working with VIP Waiters, specialists in entertaining your guests, but with a surprise twist! 

Ideal during lulls at meal time, such as when coffee is served, during dessert or before or after speeches, singing waiter Nelson easily blends into the venue’s waiting staff – but to serve up an entertaining act. 

"We get the party started."
For weddings, corporate events and parties.
The waiters that serve up the party.


And did you know, there’s more than one which in which singing waiters can add a surprise to a wedding, event or celebration?

  • There’s the obvious way, of being hired jointly by the bride and groom as part of the entertainment package, to surprise and delight guests.
  • Sometimes a bride or groom might hire Nelson to perform and create a special moment to surprise their new spouse with a song.
  • But how about hiring a singing waiter as a surprise for the bride and groom as well? Because the waiter blends so well with the service staff, they won’t suspect a thing. And of course he can be primed to serenade them with a song that’s meaningful, as well as memorable for them!

your one-stop PARTY entertainment & serviceS

Options include:

  • 1,2 or 3 singing waiters
  • 45 minutes set – ideal during room turnaround
  • 45 minutes evening set for first dance

It’s easy to book VIP Waiters as part of your wedding or party package.

We work closely with Nelson and can include Singing Waiter services as part of an all-in-one wedding entertainment package.

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* If it’s a wedding, you could also give us information about the wedding package you’d like the price included with.

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