Inflatable pub to hire

Our inflatable pub is a fantastic way to enjoy fun with friends and family, but without anyone calling ‘time’ on you!Β 

Sean’s inflatable pub includes plenty of extras across different hire bundle options, so you can find the best value hire deal for your event.

Benefits of an inflatable pub include:

  • With the unreliable UK weather, taking the party outside means the risk of rain. An inflatable pub is a great compromise for providing a special, sheltered space for your party or event.
  • Plenty of space for additional hire items, such as DJ booth, screens and lights, to create a special space for guests and party people.
  • A great idea for a surprise party, there’s no sign in the house of what’s going on because it’s all taking place in the garden!
  • It’s also huge fun!

Suitable for all kinds of gatherings but why not consider Sean’s inflatable pub as an extra venue for your wedding (ideal ‘chat zone’ away from the main disco), hire screens and create your own gathering for major sporting events, also perfect for at-home hen and stag dos!

A non refundable deposit is required to secure your date & current pricing.


Our inflatable pub bar to hire is great fun and suitable for all kinds of events and activities.
HIRE OPTIONS (including delivery, set up and take-down):

Package 1 – Β£225

🍻 Inflatable pub

Package 2 – Β£250

🍻 Inflatable pub
🍻 Artificial grass

Package 3 – Β£275
🍻 Inflatable pub
🍻 Artificial grass
🍻 Bar

Package 4 – Β£300
🍻 Inflatable pub
🍻 Artificial grass
🍻 Bar
🍻 Tables & seating

Package 5 – Β£350

🍻 Inflatable pub
🍻 Artificial grass
🍻 Bar
🍻 Tables & seating
🍻 Bluetooth speaker & lights

Package 6 – POA

🍻 Inflatable pub
🍻 Artificial grass
🍻 Bar
🍻 Tables & seating
🍻 DJ with full disco setup

*All prices are starting from prices, depending on location & duration of hire.

Item details
  • 5m x 4m approx.
  • Four walls, ample entrance space.
  • Attractive ‘mock Tudor’ pub design, perfect for photos.
  • Attractive roof shape, with ventilation points.
  • Safe to use outdoors.
  • Ample space throughout for seating, bar set up, screen set up, disco set up and dancing.

But don’t forget to ask us about …
  • Extending the hire time.
  • As well as the package deals listed, ask Sean about extra discounts for hiring additional, multiple items at the same time. How about our plasma screens or our retro arcade game console to complete the pub atmosphere inside? We also have other inflatable activities to hire alongside to complete your event, eg: pub + kick darts or footpool for sporting themed parties?

Planning to make the most of our inflatable bar to hire in your garden or at a venue?Β 

Please remember to factor a few things into your planning:

  • Ensure there’s adequate space for this item. It’s 5mx 4m but also requires space around for the guy ropes and anchorage. Space is also needed for the generator, inflating and deflating.
  • Our team will need access to the outdoor space to set this up in advance, and of course for taking down afterwards. If you’re hiring this inflatable pub to use at a venue, please do talk to them first before booking. We’ll have a blog post of useful questions to ask your venue about having inflatables, coming soon.
  • With ^^ this ^^ in mind, please be aware that there may be an extra charge based on location, accessibility and timing. We always try to keep this to a minimum, so please call us and we can chat about it before booking.

Remember, we always aim to customise your party package! Ask us about package deals when booking our inflatable items and other superb entertainments. Check out the You May Also Like … products below and get in touch to discuss a deal!


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