Retro Arcade Game Console for Party Hire


Feature something very special at your community event, festival or party, with our amazing retro arcade game console. 

Hire includes the hardware: a terrific traditional arcade machine, complete with built-in retro handset and the famous overhang that will instantly add that sense of being back in the day (and the arcade)!

Then there’s the software, which is all included in the console and in the hire price. Choose from literally hundreds of exciting games that older generations will remember and younger ones will have a fabulous time getting to know!

  • Thousands of popular and niche games
  • Marvel hero feature games.
  • Superb retro space themed games … ahh we’ve missed you Space Invaders & Asteroids!.
  • Perfect for giving tweens and teens their own entertainment during an adult event or party.


£150 Retro arcade games console costs include:

  • A minimum cost for shortest hire time – speak to Sean about length and location of hire for final price.
  • Set up and take down.
  • Full insurance.


A non refundable deposit is required to secure your date & current pricing.



Our retro arcade game console is the perfect party hire for adding something unique to an event or celebration. Particularly ideal for a milestone birthday for older generations – yep, 50 year olds, looking at you! With a low-cost hire price, it’s also terrific for teens and tweens who want something a little different for a gamer gathering!


Hire package from £150
  • £150 is minimum cost for hire – speak to Sean to discuss availability & hire duration.
  • Hardware and built-in software of arcade games console is fully included in hire price.
  • Setting up.
  • Taking down.


Item details
  • Approx 5ft high, includes traditional arcade overhang.
  • Approx 4ft wide and 7ft deep – please allow additional 1 – 2 ft space around the sides for ventilation and for spectators to enjoy the game safely.
  • Safe to use indoors on solid , flat surfaces. May be possible to use outdoors in certain settings, so long as the surface is flat and well-kept (will not damage the base of the console or get wet). Please speak to Sean before booking this item if you want to use it outdoors!


Ask us about
  • Extending the hire time for a weekend event, festival or school fun-week.
  • Discounted prices when you hire our retro arcade game console with other items, inflatables and activities for hire.

Planning to book this retro arcade game console?

This item is an amazing addition to an age-related event, bringing hours of entertainment for adults and older children. If you’d like to book, there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • This is a large item, so please ensure adequate access to bring it inside the property or venue.
  • Space around the game console will also be needed to allow room for players to play and for others to view.
  • For delivery and collection, access will be required. Particularly if you are booking this game to use at a venue or outdoor event, please check with your venue or the landowner to ensure set-up and collection access is available, before making a booking.


Remember, we can bundle our sports and gaming activities for hire. In fact, all of our inflatable items and soft play can be organised into personalised packages for the best possible hire price. If you’re running an event, book your items as a bundle to bring down the cost of your entertainment. Check out the You May Also Like … products below and ask us about package deals when booking our retro arcade game console and other games.


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