Want to propose but worried the words will come out all wrong? Never mind, Sean has plenty of romantic marriage proposal ideas – including one where the light of your love literally does the talking for you, with his MARRY ME? lights. 


Planning a romantic night in for popping the question sounds like a cliche, but it’s a great way to set the mood in the way you want. Just add proposal lights to make things dramatically different. With a fantastic glow plus this very special message, these lovely letter lights can be hired to use at home so you can set up well in advance. Check the hire listing here for dimensions so you’ll know the space required. 

Add other romantic lighting, flowers and petals to create a proposal pathway leading to the lights. You can even screen them off then switch on and reveal them at a chosen time to add surprise to the occasion.

Sean’s tip: you can even customise the letters by adding his initial letter lights alongside – and ask for special deals on ‘proposal’ packages.

light up letters
light up letters to hire with ring


There are lots of ways to propose and some people are happy to take the risk of asking in front of others. So, perhaps it’s a birthday party or some other pre-planned event and you’ve decided to include the proposal into the party? If it’s a venue with a stage or platform with curtains, this is a great way to keep the surprise until you’re ready. Just switch on and reveal all! 

Sean’s tip: make sure at least one other (very reliable) guest is aware of what you’re planning to do, so that they can capture the moment for you with photos or videos. Alternatively, we can also bring special props if you’re hiring one of Sean’s photobooths for the event! 

marry me lights to hire


When it comes to romantic marriage proposal ideas, a lot can hinge on the words you use. If you already have a speech prepared, you won’t have to rely on the lights to do the talking for you, but they can really bring home the message. What’s more, having MARRY ME lights as a backdrop adds an extra layer of love and planning into the proposal. If you’re going down on one knee to ask, the lights make a real feature of the moment and create a truly memorable scene.

Sean’s tip: if all goes to plan, take a moment to snap some selfies alongside the lights, to share as your announcement.


Rings are of course a tradition when it comes to a proposal, so you might prefer to go in that direction to pop the question. Sean’s light up engagement ring sets the perfect tone for a proposal and is also a great prop as a surprise ‘reveal’ at home or in a smaller venue (slightly easier to hide than the MARRY ME? lights) but just as lovely for creating an unforgettable, unique proposal.

Sean’s tip: if you hire Sean’s engagement ring light for a proposal and subsequently hire SOS Entertainment DJs for your engagement party, he’ll bring the ring along again for free on the night of your engagement party. After all, following your private hire for the proposal, it’s a delightful way to declare your engagement in public at your party and is a perfect prop for fabulous engagement photos with your guests to share the love with you. More on this in a separate blog coming soon!

engagement ring lights for announcement

As well as lights, Sean has plenty of other fabulous items which can be hired together as a special proposal package, at a highly discounted price compared to hiring separately. Just ask Sean for what you need ~ he’s likely to say ‘yes’!

Our Cosy Dome is another way to present your proposal package

Ask about a Cosy, Dining or Movie Dome package for your proposal at home
cosy dome

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