Good news! In its latest round of CV-19 restriction lifting, the government finally confirmed that weddings with a small guest list can start to take place, from 4th July 2020. 

As reported in the BBC, the limit on numbers is ‘up to 30 guests’. For many who were planning a 2020 wedding, this may mean a slightly different – smaller and spaced out – celebration. Sounds like you? No worries, in the spirit of helping (and sharing) here are some of our wedding entertainment ideas to help celebrate your big day, the safe way.

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A wedding DJ, dance floor and lights are the classic combination for getting your party going and, although restrictions apply to receptions, up to 30 people can still party! 

Loud music isn’t advised as it can cause people to shout, but if you’re looking for some tasteful tunes outside, it’s still possible to make music part of your day. Our DJ services form part of all of our wedding packages and we can tone down the tunes to suit what you need.  

“Our DJ service means you don't have to miss that 'first dance' moment and we can still get everyone on the dance floor - even when the numbers are few and very spaced out! Two households can celebrate together indoors or six people from different households outdoors, and we can certainly work with those arrangements. We can just save the Conga and Karaoke for another time ... perhaps a big first anniversary party next year?"

our LED-Dance floor, a dj, lights ... and love can make a small event special

#2: Go for Low-key impact guests will remember with live music

As our friends and customers know, we have a special arrangement with talented Calli Malpas, providing the very best live music for weddings when booked through SOS Entertainment.

Ok, so Calli’s full-on four-piece band is out whilst the current restrictions are in place, but she also has other amazing sets which are ideal for more intimate wedding settings.

Check out Calli’s Acoustic and Puttin’ On The Ritz Jazz sets below – both are perfect for elegant entertainment and a special way to share the day that you’ve been waiting for, with your selected guests.  Over the lockdown, Calli’s also become expert in producing virtual performances. Tell us what you need and we can work with Calli to organise a personalised performance, live-streamed on one of our large DJ screens, so everyone can enjoy the music safely.

#3: Make guests feel special with thoughtful extras which also entertain

Setting and decoration are always important at a wedding breakfast or reception. But somehow, with reduced numbers, these aspects take on a new priority, because you want to make the surroundings – as well as the entertainment – special for each and every guest.

Entertainment ideas and accessories which can help create this individual setting include:

It’s not just the number of guests that’s affecting the ‘new normal’ … it may also be the arrangements for getting drinks at the bar, depending on your venue.

Swap signing up and queuing at the bar at the bar for time with your guests, by hiring our prosecco wall. Our super-size prosecco wall has space for 48 flutes of fizz. However, if you want the perfect number for your guests, our table-top version holds 30 flutes.

Thank your guests for coming with a range of sweet treats which allow for 30 people to come back more than once to enjoy what’s on offer …

Smaller numbers may also mean something different to a three-tier cake. Our Sweet Treats stand is perfect for cup-cakes or an individual wedding cake for each guest, as alternatives to a large cake and too many left-overs! 

Like everything else connected to weddings, professional wedding photography is another of those aspects which remains affected. However, a magic hand mirror could be the perfect way to gather (and share) guest photos without an official photographer.

Although it’s assumed you’re already sharing some close-up moments with those guests from your household or bubble, safeguard other guests by wiping down the mirror handle with anti-bac wipes between use.

Whittling that guest list down to 30 won’t be easy, and the chances are most of the guests will bring along a card or gift envelope from someone who didn’t quite make the list.

Keep everything safe with a traditional wedding post box, so nothing goes astray. You can also double-down on the photography by hiring a photo post box, so your guests can take selfies and you’ll have photo mementoes of your celebration. You might like to check out our separate blog on this.

Speaking of which …

With ‘up to’ 30 guests, a photo / video dome also provides fun and entertainment that everyone can get involved in. The dressing up part isn’t operating as usual with the current restrictions, but you’ll still gain some great photos, meaningful messages and have lasting memories all in one fun activity.

“Ordinarily, our wedding packages include everything needed for a memorable wedding party, but we realise that nothing about 2020's been ordinary. The bottom line is, if you're not sure how to organise your party for 30, and don't feel there's a package that suits, just talk to us.

After all, we know how frustrating it's been, waiting to plan your day. The last thing you want is entertainment headaches due to horribly restricted activities. So just get in touch, tell us what you need and we'll share which of our services can bring you with a magical celebration, within the guidelines.”


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