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Dec 14, 2022
Image shows Sean collecting the trailer after being used to deliver flu vaccines

From Fun to Flu Vaccines – and Now Back Again!

Regular readers and customers will know that Sean’s usually one vehicle short of a full fleet at this time of year. And 2022’s been no exception as once again, Sean’s been helping the NHS with the loan of his party trailer.  Over the last month or so, Sean’s…
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Jun 03, 2022
charity fundraising, Bobby's birthday ball

Charity Fundraising at Bobby’s Birthday Ball

Sean’s been busy again, this time supporting a family with their charity fundraising – and making memories at the same time! So we’re pleased to share news of Bobby and his recent Birthday Ball! Most kids (and their families) are excited when their birthday comes around. In Bobby’s…
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Aug 17, 2021

SOS Charity Fun day for Isla Rose

Sean’s been busy again! Not content with working hard on the business side of things now that restrictions have lifted, he’s also doing his very best to help small charities which continue with fundraising struggles over the pandemic. And last weekend saw Sean in action again, setting up…
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May 20, 2021
1p36 charity logo, sos entertainment supporting 1p36 family trust

SOS Charity Digital Conferencing by Day, Disco By Night

Sean’s friends and SOS Entertainment customers will remember his huge efforts to help others during the pandemic last year. But even now in 2021, the effects of 2020 are being felt by charities across the UK. So, not content with last year’s marathon (and then some) charity bike…
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Nov 05, 2020
helping the NHS, coronavirus 2020

Helping the NHS – The Party Van is Back

Whilst everything else has been restricted and locked down, Sean’s party van has been quietly busy! But instead of partying, it’s been helping the NHS!  Time for a final update … For the past month, one of the SOS Entertainment vans has been making itself useful at a GP…
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Oct 23, 2020
nhs flu vaccines, pandemic support

Parked up & purposeful for NHS Flu Vaccines

The nation is currently very aware of health issues, so it’s time for an update on the SOS pandemic support to a GP surgery requiring extra space for administering NHS flu vaccines. We’re pleased to say that Sean’s offer to help out a GP surgery in Catford with…
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Oct 05, 2020
nhs support

SOS NHS Support

Hot on the heels of his superb fundraiser for local charity, Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat, Sean’s hardly got his breath back before offering out his next helping hand … this time with a little NHS support. Because we’ve now moved into that time of year when it’s…
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Oct 02, 2020

SOS Charity Support to the Rescue (Boat)

Time for another update on Sean’s #SOSpedal4plirb mission to give much needed charity support to Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat (PLIRB) – and Sean’s pleased to share that his solo fundraiser has ended in success! Yes, although the weather forecast was dire and strong winds were the feature…
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Sep 04, 2020
bike ride for charity 2020,

SOS Bike Ride for Charity – NEW DATE!

Time for another update on Sean’s #SOSpedal4plirb mission and there’s something to be aware of. That date? It just got updated! Yes, as is often the way with these things, an issue of clashed dates has arisen! But with his training and fundraising on his bike ride for…
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Aug 20, 2020
SOS fundraising

SOS Charity Bike Ride 2020 Update

So how are things going with Sean’s #SOSpedalforplirb endeavours? Well, as is the way of these things, first there was bad news, then there was good … As mentioned in the blog post where Sean announced his plan, his charity bike ride 2020 was to be part of…
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Aug 07, 2020
local charity fundraising events, SOS, Pett Level Independent Rescue Boat

SOS responds to a local charity SOS

Whilst SOS Entertainment is surviving the situation caused by the party-pooping pandemic, many local charities face a real struggle. Certainly, the lockdown and restrictions on gatherings has left many local charity fundraising events cancelled indefinitely. This in turn means charities are left without the vital fundraising income they…
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